• Dead people are weird

    You know that you can say that you never liked being in cemeteries. And most people have a natural instinct not to go in one. All I'm trying to say is, that grave yards are illogical and creepy. No man woman or child should ever be buried at all ever.

  • Fear of death is logical

    Death is logically feared by humans. We wish to live eternally through various mean, primarily by our genetic code. It is innately human to fear the unknown, and cemeteries show a person who had died, and no one knows whether your simply dead, or your a spirit, soul etc. The fear of the unknown and death are both innately ingrained in us from our ancestors fear, and this fear is inescapable whether or not it surfaces or stays in the subconscious.

  • Yes, it is natural to hate cemeteries.

    A lot of people feel that cemeteries are there to remember the past. The reality is that cemeteries just take up space for dead people ego's to be satisfied. There is no financial or social value to a cemetery except for the few people who still visit a loved one. Once that generation ends then nobody visits them and the space is wasted.

  • Driving through them is depressing

    It's sad to have to be around them. Being around commentaries makes me sad as it is. It makes me wanna cry. It makes me think about death and dead loved ones. I don't like when highways are built through them. It's just saddening. Why so many cementaries in Long Island?

  • Hate ≠ Fear

    Of all the things people could hate, and they hate cemeteries? Well, I suppose I could see your point if somebody you held deeply were buried in said cemetery and you, for whatever reason, just have to go by it and become angry.
    Hate I can't understand against cemeteries.
    Fear I can understand, and that's somewhat rational. Especially if you're one who believes in the afterlife. Or even if it's just because we're humans and it's natural for every one of us to not want to die and try to avoid it by avoiding the deceased.

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