Is ISIS a serious threat to the West. (Do they warrant military intervention)

Asked by: cynical_optimist
  • Brink of genocide

    Iraq stands on thebrink of genocide and Ethnic cleansing Britain must do “everything in our power to measures to prevent slaughters of Yazidis, Christians peoples in Iraq, will be dire circumstances of not to act
    From today the British should be joining the air strikes and uk some taken the major role support Military to iraq forces in fight against Islamic State forces
    How did ISIS pop up? Directly because of Iraqi-Syrian insurgency Armed groups inside Iraq have join up been by the Syrian Civil War,

  • Not yet, but soon

    At this moment, no, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria does not pose a significant threat to us. But they do pose a threat to freedom in the region and to all our work we've fought for, and they have also recently made threats towards the USA. But is it time for Iraq War, Part 2? No, a lighter, more tactical touch is required.

    So far, ISIS has avoided Baghdad like the plague. The reason? American personnel stationed there to protect US Officials. Likewise, it would be smart to garrison some troops in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, considering ISIS poses a significant threat to ethnic minorities such as the Kurds.

    It would also be wise to provide further aid to other immediately threatened peoples in Iraq, namely the Assyrian Christians and the Yezidis, two peoples that ISIS have told "Convert to Islam or die." The Yezidis have been forced back to Mount Sinjar, while the Christians have been displaced from Mosul. While our airstrikes may nibble away at ISIS' military capacity, the best solution would be to work with the Peshmerga, the Armed Forces of Iraqi Kurdistan, and to work hand-in-hand with the Iraqi Government to protect the Assyrians.

    No one wants another Iraq War, especially me. But we can't just sit around, let freedom and practitioners of freedom die, and watch all our sons bled and died for go to waste, simply because it's happening on the other side of the world from us.

  • They are coming for us.

    ISIS is by far the most tech savvy terrorist group in existence. They are recruiting on the internet and social media. They are beheading children and vowing to convert or kill all Christians and Jews. They have publicly stated that they will raise the "flag of Allah" over the White House. Just a few months ago, ISIS boasted a total 800 members. They now have more than ten thousand and are collectively worth over two billion dollars.

  • Media-scaremongering exaggerates the threat

    Question their true military strength, they are a good of ill equipped terrorists dependent on illegal oil trade and support from their financial backers. Without this, they are nothing.

    Coalition attacks and Russian bombardment is weakening their infrastructure. Don't believe what the press inform us, one minute they're the strongest terrorist group in the world and the following day they're telling us they're nearly destroyed...

  • Stop beating your head against a wall.

    How did ISIS pop up? Directly because of American intervention in Iraq, of which I was always staunchly against, even when it was unpopular and "unpatriotic" to say so.

    If I hit a hornets nest with a stick and I get stung, I don't do it again. The fools who honestly think Military intervention will make anything better are fooling themselves. Every time we bomb, attack, or otherwise invade these people they mistrust and hate us just a little bit more.

    These insurgent groups didn't just wake up one morning and decide to hate us. Get real. They aren't 80's action movie villains. We kicked down their doors and bombed the hell out of them, all in the name of America and "Democracy", and all they want to do is do the same thing to us, but in the terms they understand, ie: religious extremism.

    At the moment, they pose less threat to us then a lightning bolt. Fear-mongering got us into this mess and fear-mongering won't get us out.

    In 40 years, there have been:

    226 Fatal Terrorist attacks on American soil,

    of these attacks, 29 were Islamic Extremists

    from these attacks, on average, there were 3.36 casualties each attack (not deaths, just causalities)

    Al Qaeda has committed 4 of these attacks.

    Of the 226 total attacks, the two highest organizations are not Islamic. No, they are a different kind of crazy.

    First place goes to: The Earth Liberation Front with 50 attacks

    Second Place goes to: The Animal Liberation Front with 34 attacks

    Third Place goes to: Al Qaeda with 4 attack

    Obesity kills around 111,000 Americans every year.

    Smoking kills around 435,000 Americans every year.

    Medical mistakes and post sugary complications kill 300,000 Americans every year.

    Accidental Hanging kills 274 Americans every year

    Being thrown from a horse has killed 104 Americans every year

    Bathtub drowning kills 344 Americans every year.

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