Is ISIS as symbolic of Islam as the KKK is of Christianity?

Asked by: Tyber
  • Yes their getting our troops making us look weak

    We should do that to them i hate them they make us look stupid and weak im not and im not going to live in a weak us like that so i say yes do that to them blow them up kill their people see how they like it !

  • Not in that sense...

    Isis uses parts of the Quran to "prove" that they are doing Ahlas will. But the KKK in no way do! I am a christian, and I've gone through the bible many, many times! Anything KKK says to make you think they are doing Gods will i absolutely false! There is nothing in the bible about killing or torturing other races, countries or otherwise! The KKK are just a bunch of racist idiots who are to blind to see that other races are not only human, but are made in the image of God!!!

  • It's About What You Truly Are

    Christianity is a religion of peace, so no, a violent group like the Ku Klux Klan does not represent it at all.

    But Islam is a religion of violence, therefore, those who are violent in the name of Islam represent their religion just fine. It clearly states in the Kuran that all infidels deserve to die.

  • Not in anyway!

    As a Catholic, the KKK thinks I am in league with the "Whore of Babylon", meaning the pope. So no, the Klan is not representative of Christianity.
    And the same metric applies to Daesh. Daesh thinks that Shia muslims and Sufi Muslims are heretics who worship Satan. They believe the same thing about Sunni muslims that oppose them, who are politically secular or do things that they view as "unislamic", so if you are a muslim who plays music, who choses not to wear the Hijab, who drinks alcohol, who is gay, etc. you are considered to be a heretic, possibly worthy of death.

  • Basically agree with above

    These are not even close to the same. Yes the KKK were/are idiots doing something and distorting some view they have of what it means to be Christian. BUT - the Bible in now way directs them to do that work, and the Bible says quite the contrary to "love your enemy as yourself". This would just get into a Koran vs. Bible debate. But, I will say that both groups are/were terrorist idiots who need to be eliminated by whatever means necessary.

  • Extremism does not represent Religion!

    As ISIS is consistent of extremists, it is not a positive representation of Islam. The KKK is not a representation of Christianity, but a group that pursued their own goals. No matter the religion, it is not acceptable to kill those of another because you think yours is better or more correct.

    Posted by: NMH
  • Well I know Quran

    U see unlike Christianity there are inspirations for good and most Muslims are trying to escape the Middle East u can't let the killers into the US some will slip in what we need is an accurate system to identify if they have history of crime or extremism to ensure the safety of Americans and not let them flood in and Create terror in the us

  • Islam teaches kindness and charity

    The Quaran teaches that Muslims should be kind and practice charity. It is not fair to categorize all Muslims as terrorists. Terrorism has no race or religion. Sure, Muslims have done some horrible things in the past, but so did Christsians. Please do not let Isis make you believe that they represent Islam.

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