• You mean "peaceful"

    Any religion's true essence is not terror and atrocity. Violence and atrocity occurs because of adherents who take their faith too literally. Islam is not the only religion who has exhibited violent extremists; Christianity also has its fundamentalist devotees: Westboro Baptist Church and radical Christians who bomb abortion clinics and murder abortion doctors. To say ISIS represents Islam is like claiming the Westboro Baptist Church represents Christianity.

  • You're joking, right?

    Islam didn't make sense, until I started looking at it from a military standpoint. Muhammed had armies, he pillaged villages, it only makes sense to have a harsh set of rules should you ever step out of line.
    200 years after his death, the rules were written down, and twisted into a underdeveloped religion, one that is to never be questioned or criticised, like I do now. For that would start making sense of it!
    Islam is not a peacefull religion, it is a war ideology. The only way it could be peacefull, is if the Imams discarded Sharia laws, removed them from their faith.
    Removed the verses and meanings of infidels, innocents, and removed taqiya from their language completely. Taqiya means it's allowed to lie to infidels and the non innocent.
    Infidel means anyone who is not a muslim, or a muslim who wisened up. Innocent means muslim.
    So long as the verses encouraging violence, exists in the Q'uran, there will always be those that keep figthing a war that ended when Muhammed died.
    Napoleon, Ghengis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Ivan The Terrible, Muhammed, and other conquerors, died before they could realize their dream. But hey, I got a great idea, let's keep killing and slaughter anyone that may have opposed them or didn't agree with their way of life! I'm sure everything will be fine, as we follow the corrupted teachings of [insert dictator/warlord] who was more correct than any other race or faith.

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