Is Islam a peaceful religion? Why and why not?

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  • Peace is the point.

    The whole point of the Muslim religion to accept everyone and keep peace. That is what Muhammad taught. The Quran's teachings are almost identical to the teachings of the Bible....They even believe in Jesus...The only difference is Muhammad is their prophet. So yes, it is meant to be a peaceful religion. You can't judge an entire community by what a few do. This is coming from an atheist

  • Islam is by nature a peaceful religion that allows war only in exceptional circumstances.

    "If they incline to peace make peace with them." This is a quote from either the Qur'an or the Hadith - I hope you don't mind if I just combine the two and call them Islamic scripture - and it tells Muslims that the moment their enemy asks for peace, they should stop the attack. Peace is fundamental to Islam, the brotherhood of men a key part of all Muslims belief. The Prophet Mohammed himself said after returning from battle 'we have returned from the lesser jihad to the greater jihad'. This means that lesser jihad is holy war, and greater jihad is the daily struggle against selfish desires and immorality, such as unkindness.

    Lesser jihad is rather a difficult thing. The first goal of lesser jihad is peace, and holy war can only be waged if a) it's declared by a religious leader not a politician, b) it is for no purpose other than to fight against a tyrant and c) it abides by the quote "fight for the sake of Allah those that fight against you, but do not attack them first", which is from Islamic scripture. Therefore even starting a holy war is tough. And then lesser jihad demands that women, the old, children, civilian men, land, crops, animals, buildings and the environment aren't harmed - a rather tall order, but any Muslim partaking in an 'illegal' war must face this on Judgement Day.

    Now that's not to say that all lesser jihad wars are perfect and by the book, they're not. But just as the Prophet wept at the death of his enemies children, so a Muslim should regret and be saddened by war crimes.

    So Islam is a peaceful religion - it allows war, but only righteous war. In this day and age we see a lot of 'unholy' wars, and a lot of bandying about of the term 'jihad' by the media. But theoretical Islam and the Islam practised by most Muslims is all about love and duty and doing what is morally right. As for suicide bombers - well, not only do they target civilians, but they commit self-murder, which is itself a sin. A Muslim who dies fighting for lesser jihad is a martyr and goes straight to paradise, but suicide bombers break the terms of lesser jihad, and are therefore they're not martyrs and not fighting in the name of Islam.

  • Judgement Day and Non-Muslims

    Muslims believe that Non-Muslims will be cast into hellfire by Allah, therefore Allah is violent to Non-Muslims hence Islam is not peaceful as a Religion. In terms of the morality of those who are Muslims though, most Muslims are very peaceful and friendly people. The same holds for Christianity (I am a Christian, with annihilationalist views at present): God is able to be violent to sinners as means of judgement but God alone. This is not a bad thing, indeed many would agree that a violent judgement of Adolf Hitler for example would be most ethical. Christians though believe that God's judgement is not coming on individuals but on the world as a whole, and hence that is why even "Good" people must be saved by the blood of Jesus

  • We can't blame any religion for violence. But its followers

    Generally we can't blame any religion for violence. According to my knowledge all religions teach how to lead a better and peaceful life.

    But what matters is its followers, followers of one religion forces other religion followers to follow his religion. In general more people following Islam (not all - especially true Muslim won't force others) wants the whole world to be Islam followers and it reminds me dictatorship (Hitler) which will conclude in violence.

    //I believe even Christians have similar thought (entire world to be Christianity) but they attack weak or depressed people which is also not acceptable//

    My Request:
    Accepts things as it is and never bother about others kind of belief in god.

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JeffLogan123 says2014-04-07T13:48:09.997
Can't make a judgment except we throw the notion of clash of religions under the bus andstart doing some schorlarly dialetics.