• The Quran says it is

    Islam is a religion of radical murderers. Their holy book; the Quran says to chop the heads off of non-believers and gives specific instructions on how to kill. Islam is disgusting. The founder of the religion,Muhammad, had multiple nine year old wives. He used to fondle with her and rape them. And allah supposedly considered him the perfect man. Before you try to say that the quran was written in a time of violence, let me get something straight. Every religion has a holy book. The holy book for Christianity is the Bible. In this holy bok are the rules of the religion and the main events of the religion. Without a holy book, the religion could be anything; it could be a religion of ducks for all we know. Using this logic, everything in the Quran still applies today. In muslim countries like Saudi arabia, adulterers are stones and homosexuals and converts are killed..Women are treated like trash. And before you try to say that the Bible had some bad verses, the old testemant was made for a different audience in the new testemant it cleared everything out and welcomed the new and saved audience (the new followers of Christ and the Lord). Islam is a disguating cult that all supporters of it should be jailed. Praying for muslims

  • Of course it is.

    They are involved in conflict with others and themselves wherever they reside. Why is that, why are they anti-Jew. Why are they anti-Infidels? Why are they anti-difference? Why do they want nuclear weapons? Who are they sending to Hell and who do they want to whip?
    Where have you been?

  • This is ridiculous.

    Islam is no more a religion of violence than Christianity, Hinduism, etc. I personally believe that religions in general incite violence, but religions in and of themselves are not centered around it. I am against religion but I despise hateful speech without much factual backing much more. Religion provides comfort and happiness to billions of worshippers, and Islam is no different. To single out Islam as this disgusting, violent religion is ludicrous. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all descend from Zoroastrianism. They are essentially the same.

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