• Yes it is for sure

    It isn't saying that all Muslims are horrible people but if you look in the book itself you will see that it has nothing to do with peace or spiritual enlightment. People just blindly say it's peaceful without actually looking for themselves what Islam is all about. Sure there over 1 billion muslims practicing it but there are also over 1 billion Christians and the Christians aren't causing havoc worldwide. Not anymore anyway. The key word to describe the Christians' wrath 500 years ago is "used to" now why or how would that justify the actions of the Muslims that are doing it today?

  • Uh, yes it is...

    Let's look at this article:

    A report posted on Islam Watch, a site run by Muslims who oppose intolerant teachings and hatred for unbelievers, exposes a prominent Islamic cleric and lawyer who support extreme punishment for non-Muslims — including killing and rape.

    A question-and-answer session with Imam Abdul Makin in an East London mosque asks why Allah would tell Muslims to kill and rape innocent non-Muslims, including their wives and daughters, according to Islam Watch.

    "Because non-Muslims are never innocent, they are guilty of denying Allah and his prophet," the Imam says, according to the report. "If you don't believe me, here is the legal authority, the top Muslim lawyer of Britain."

    The lawyer, Anjem Choudary, backs up the Imam's position, saying that all Muslims are innocent.

    "You are innocent if you are a Muslim," Choudary tells the BBC. "Then you are innocent in the eyes of God. If you are not a Muslim, then you are guilty of not believing in God."

    Choudary said he would not condemn a Muslim for any action.

    "As a Muslim, I must support my Muslim brothers and sisters," Choudary said. "I must have hatred to everything that is not Muslim."


  • Islamic Fundamental Ideology is violent

    2:19: ‘Kill them wherever you encounter them.‘
    4:95: ‘Allah has granted a grade higher to those who tight with their possessions and bodies compared to those who sit at home.‘
    5:33: ... Punished by death, crucifixion or the amputation of an alternate hand and toot‘
    8:12; Strike terror into the hearts of the disbelievers. Cut off their heads and
    cut off all their fingers.'
    9:29: ‘Fight Christians and Jews who do not believe in Allah until they submit..'
    9:123: ‘Fight the disbelievers near you and let them find hardness in you.’
    9:5; '...Then kill them wherever you find them. And take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait
    to them in every ambush‘
    41:35: ‘So do not lose heart and cry out for peace.'
    47:4; 'When you meet the disbelievers. Strike them in the neck
    48:29: ‘Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Those who follow him are harsh towards the disbelievers and compassionate towards each other’

    No description needed, I'm just quoting the Quran. If you feel I cherry picked them, and they are out of context, I don't think it has to be in any context to be less evil. The meanings are straightforward. Islam promote terrorism and violence. Period

  • Pretty much the only one....

    All ideologies and faiths have an extreme, but Islam is pretty much full blown fundamentalism, radicals, and nutcases. Moderate Muslims are like Gangster rappers with crosses tattooed on the back. They're both faking their faith . It's more about appearing religious than actually being religious. That's just my two cents.

  • ISLAM is a crime against humanity and a curse on the world

    Muhammad had people Killed Tortured ,Murdered ,Executed.... He also molested little children.. The Qur'an is a Terrorist Handbook as muhammad was the original islamic Terrorist..
    Just look at the Quran its a Hate filled book with at least 109 verses of violence.. Oh how Muslims try to twist this fact ...

  • Islam means to submit to the rule of god.

    Moderate muslims say terrorist are not muslims.
    What is a real muslim? The moderate muslims or the extremists.

    Only 1 muslim we are sure of that he is a real muslim and that is the profet Mohammed. What we know about him?

    He was a warlord that spend most of his life expanding the kalifate
    by Jihad. He created a kalifate, in modern day times the profet would be considered a terrorist. He killed millions of people.

    The core of the islamic believe is the lifetale of the profet and he was a fundamentalist. So every muslim that go's back to the core practice of islam becomes radicalized. Islam is a terrorist recruitment ideology that brainwashes people into becoming martyrs.

    The only real muslims are fundamentalist. The others are Takiyya muslims, they think they are real muslims but they are not. This helps the spread of the ideology of islam. Islam is a breeding ground for terrorism not of peace. Sure islam means peace when all enemy's of islam have been killed there will be peace :p

  • Stop casting off the blame.

    Islam is a religion of submission. Not Peace. Look at the beheadings. You see that the majority of "moderate" muslims have had a chance to come down hard on the salafists and wahabists but fact is. At best they are silently condoning it by not cracking down on them because they need to physically not vocally speak out against the hard line of their own religion. And at worst they are condoning it by purposefully being neglectful while masking their own hatred. The KKK was attacked by the FBI, imagine what would happen if now the FBI hit a mosque. Sorry but I will never forgive them. The fundamental religion is a religion for monsters. And if the moderates don't come down on the extremists then I can think of a few ways of stopping Islam like detonating Mecca. If they want to not be treated as a religion of terrorists then actually make a stand and fix your broken extreme religion

  • Any religion can be a terrorist religion!

    Terrorists are extremists. They distort facts, even religion, to serve their cause. That said, it is possible for ANY religion to be used by a terrorist to push their beliefs. Islam is no more of a terrorist religion than the others. To prove my point, consider these facts ...

    1. Tim McVeigh, Domestic terrorist, Roman Catholic
    2. Ku Klux Klan, Domestic terrorism, Protestant
    3. Al Qaeda, Foreign terrorism, Muslim
    4. Jewish Defense League, Foreign terrorism, Jewish
    5. IRA, Foreign terrorism, Roman Catholic
    6. Hamas, Foreign terrorism, Muslim

    More information can be found on the Southern Poverty Law Center's website, or the FBI's government website. Hatred is what drives terrorism. It cannot be blamed on ANY religion!

  • One or two secs are, but not the whole religion.

    While the Islamic religion contains extremist secs that like to cause terroristic acts against non-believers, the whole of the religion is a peaceful religion of believers that want to get to heaven in some peaceful way (I don't know how the religion works, but I know it's not THAT violent, if at all).

  • Islam is in no way associated with terrorism.

    The terrorist groups are not actually part of Islam. It's like saying that Christians are psychos who think Americans should die, protest at soldiers' funerals, and think homosexuals should die a painful death; but they aren't, that's a crazy little church called Westboro Baptist Church who most Christians hate. People who disagree with me should get over themselves and think about the negative stereotypes about them.

  • Not anymore so then any other religion/country/belief.

    Most Islamic terrorism isn't really terrorism, its resistance to foreign occupation.

    A greater percentage of whites in America abuse children, then Muslims worldwide who commit terrorism. I doubt anyone would characterize white people as Child Abusers.

    There isn't any overt teachings in the Quran that would lead someone to become a terrorist.

  • Terrorists are not all Muslims, and Muslims are not all terrorists

    Many people think that because a very small group of extremists attacked the United States, that means that all of those in that religion hate the United States, or are terrorists. Are there not Christians who've committed acts of terrorism? Think about the Ku Klux Klan. Many consider them to be a terrorist organization. Also, Muslim extremists committed less than 1% of the terrorist acts in 2010. So if people call Islam a terrorist religion, shouldn't other religions be called terrorist as well?

    My source: http://www.Loonwatch.Com/2010/01/terrorism-in-europe/

  • This is disgusting.

    Anyone who says yes to this is an uneducated, ignorant person. It is known that the biggest terrorist organization in the entire world claims to be fighting for the religion if Islam, but that does not mean that Islam is a terrorist religion. These terrorists are simply misusing the name of Islam and wrongly misinterpreting the teachings of Islam. Islam is a peaceful and generous religion and for others to discriminate against those that follow that religion are just too ignorant to think otherwise.

    After 9/11, whenever someone said the word 'Islam', the first thing that comes to mind is terrorists. Maybe not everyone is at fault for this, for some it was the way they were brought up. But most of my family are very racist and extremely prejudice to those that originate from the Eastern world, and here I am believing otherwise.

    About half a year ago maybe in London a Muslim man stabbed a soldier killing him, claiming to be fighting for Islam, and suddenly everyone starts saying that all Muslims must be like this, let's kick them out of the country. Anyone can be a terrorist, be that Atheists, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians or Roman Catholics, or whatever other religion. Just because they are of Islam does not make them any more of a terrorist than any other religion.

  • All religions have extreme flanks

    Islam has more notoriety for having terrorists since 9/11 but there are peaceful members of the Islam religion. Just as there are extremist wings of Christianity. Take the Westboro Baptist church for example. They are Christians but thrive on hate. Take Christian extremists that will bomb abortion clinics or kill doctors that perform abortions. Same religion, different viewpoints.

  • In fact the opposite...

    Islam simply means "surrender to Allah (or God if you prefer)" in Arabic. Terrorists who claim they are Muslim may have surrendered themselves to Allah (God), but after even doing the rakah (the praying), they are still not true Muslims because they cause harm to other people. The Koran prohibits to use of major violence towards another person such as killing other people. Most people (when they think of 9/11 and Islam and mosques) think that Muslims usually have bombs on their chests on all that sort of movie stunt stuff. Even in Saudi Arabia, one of the most restricted places to go (besides DPRK), people are actually quite peaceful and reserved and welcoming.

  • Minimum 3 Words

    Constituition of islam does not command terrorism, hence it is not true to judge ideas according to its representators, maybe people represent in a wrong way.

    Quran commands to fight AGAISNT WHO FIGHTS ISLAM, it does not command to fight against nonmuslim innocents. I know. Please provide at least 50 words.

  • Ignorance and Prejudice

    Wow... Anyone who agrees with this statement is the epitome of ignorance and prejudice. Islam is a beautiful and peaceful religion that is misunderstood by our misinformed Western culture. There are over 1 billion Muslims in the world and people label the entire religion as terroristic because of an extremely small percentage of extremists Muslims with unique beliefs. This is coming from a Christian. This shouldn't even be a debate.

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