• Islam is peace

    Most people only heard from others that Islam is barbaric and such.They themselves never bother to study the Quran and if they studied it,they only look for 'mistakes' in the Holy Quran which is impossible.For every verse in the Quran,there is a story behind it,why the verse was revealed to the prophet.Islam as well guides its followers to do good and prevent evil.

  • Once Islami unifies

    The rest of world should unify as well. Although Iran is its own Islam, most of the other Islamic countries are mainly Sunni Muslim. The only reason these countries are divided is just simple politics and borders. Most Sunni nations speak the same language, have the same religion, and even border each other. Allahuakhbar!

  • No thx I'll stick with Christianity

    It's might be easy to unify the world when people cut your head off if you refuse. But that's peace through terror and subjugation. If peaceful Muslims want to co-exist, then I'm all for that. But I'll worship Jesus and you worship Allah. And everything else will fall into place.

  • It is more of a divider than anything. (Not just Islam, but all religions.)

    Christians and Muslims have been at each other's throats since the very beginning (even in this opinion question there are Christians tossing Bible scriptures left and right.)
    Another religion isn't going to help unify the world, and they shouldn't plan to. All religions (including Islam) have done nothing but create chaos because no one, NO ONE can agree with each other, and they never will. There are violent messages in the Qu'ran, the Torah, the Bible and any other holy book you can find. There have been a mass amount radicals who've murdered, started wars, prevented peace and advancements of countries, etc.
    Religion in general has not helped to bring people together, in fact there is constant fighting WITHIN the religion!
    I've never seen a more chaotic belief than religion is.

  • No religion can successfully unify the World.

    Obviously not. Clearly, Muslims are already divided so much so as it is( Sunni vs Shiite). Islam conflicts with Christianity, Hinduism, and any other religion that isn't based on Allah, the one God. Religion, in my opinion, is a poor way to unify the world; Religion seems to take away from humanity's inept ability to make individual decisions for his/herself.

  • Islam is just Islam

    It's just another religion. It has its fanatics and its moderate adherents. But to say it's a way of unifying the world is ridiculous. The whole world will never be Muslim or Christian or any other faith. What will unify the world is tolerance for different ideas and beliefs including religions.

  • Religion is a club which operatescon exclusivity

    Religion favours one part of humanity over the other. It doesn't encourage equality of all men and women, but instead extends special treatment to its own group at the expense of other groups. What already unifies us is our shared humanity. Also, religion is seriously lame. Not going to happen.

  • Islam is about as unifying as Nazism or Communism..

    The Qu'ran teaches a Muslim - non-Muslims are diseased and allah increases the disease (S. 2:10), non-Muslims are perverse (S. 2:99), non-Muslims are stupid (S. 2:171), compassionate toward fellow Muslims and harsh toward non-Muslims (S. 48:29), Zakat can only be given to Muslims such as those waging Jihad and to non-Muslims to incline them (bribe them) to Islam (S. 9:60), Muslims will triumph over non-Muslims (S. 4:141), Muslims must wage war until non-Muslims die/convert/or Jews/Christians/Zoroastrians are subdued by Islamic rule (S. 9:29), non-Muslims are the "worst of creatures" (98:6), non-Muslims are "the vilest of creatures" (S. 8:55), non-Muslims are like dogs (S. 7:176), non-Muslims are like cattle only worse (7:179), allah turned Jews into "apes and monkeys" (S. 5:60), non-Muslims are worse than demons (S. 46:29-35), allah does not love non-Muslims (30:45), non-Muslims are losers (S. 3:85), non-Muslims are fuel for the fire of hell (3:10), good deeds by non-Muslims no matter how numerous don't matter to allah (S. 18:103-106), allah leads non-Muslims astray (S. 18:57), allah causes non-Muslims to sin (S. 16:93), allah sends demons to lead non-Muslims astray (S. 19:83), allah uses deceit against non-Muslims (3:54), allah uses satan to deceive non-Muslims (S. 6:43), even though non-Muslims will protest they were deceived allah will still send them to hell (S. 16:28-29), Muslims cannot even love family members who are unbelievers (S. 58:22), Muslims cannot take non-Muslims for friends (S. 4:144), a Muslim who does take a non-Muslim as a friend is an unbeliever as well (5:51), Muslims are commanded to fight non-Muslims with harshness (S. 9:123), Muslims will spend eternity laughing/mocking non-Muslims as they are tortured in hell (S. 83:29-34), Jews/Christians are cursed by allah (S. 9:30), Muslims are not to listen to non-Muslims but only make Jihad (S. 25:52), allah has sealed the hearts of non-Muslims and condemned them to hell (S. 2:6), Muslims are to make war and terrorize non-Muslims (S. 8:60), Muslims are to make Jihad against non-Muslims (S. 9:73), allah's reward for disbelief is a violent death at the hands of Muslims (S. 9:26), by Muslims' hands allah violently punishes non-Muslims (S. 9:14), allah loves Muslims who make Jihad to make Islam victorious over all other religions even though non-Muslims will resist (S. 61:4-11), Muslims are to fight non-Muslims until there is no more disbelief and only Islam remains (S. 8:39), non-Muslims & Muslims not deemed true believers will be "seized wherever found and slain with a (fierce) slaughter" (S. 33:60-62), non-Muslim are to be pressured and gradually have their land taken (S. 13:41), Muslims have authority over the world (S. 24:55), allah ordains beheading to and mutilation for non-Muslims unwilling to accept Islamic rule (S. 8:12-13), and you could continue to read all sorts of invective, hatred, and supremacist nonsense. Can't you just feel the love and peace of Islam :D

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