• I believe Islam is the vessel of anti-Christ so yeah I'd say it's evil.

    The Mahdi is predicted to 7 years of peace so is the Anti Christ. The Muslim Jesus is going to return in this time and murder all Christians and Jews. The preferred method of death is beheading which is mentioned in Revelation. The only system of thought that has produced more blood shed is atheism in the form of Dialectical Materialism. It's very creeds are based on denying the most important creeds of the Christian faith as stated in Scripture. 80% or more of the worlds conflicts that are on going are being caused by Islam. Other than Averroes contribution to Aristotle and Muslim's contribution to Algebra, Islam has kept nearly a billion people in the chains of ignorance, violence, and fatalistic despair. Christianity and Judaism secondarily have revolutionized the world for good by causing, children's rights, women's rights, science, universities, the middle class, modern economic prosperity, and further.

  • Evil and immoral

    The Muslims follow the Koran which teaches with fear and hatred, hatred of nonbelievers. There are many verses in the Koran which ask to kill non believers, And then they have sharia law, the religious law of Islam. Muslims recruit there children it to the faith and are honor bound under Sharia law to kill anyone that tries to leave the faith. These laws allows Muslims to oppress there women and keep them in subservience, hide there identity with a veil or a cloth bag and beat with impunity. (go to youtube look "up how to beat your wife") Muslims have a dreadful tradition of performing what the World Health Organization calls Female genital mutilation. (FGM) includes procedures that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. FGM is mostly carried out on young girls sometime between infancy and age 15. These procedures can cause severe bleeding and problems urinating, and later cysts, infections, infertility as well as complications in childbirth increased risk of newborn deaths. This procedure is done to Muslim girls by other Muslim women as part of there tradition. I find it very hard to respect a culture with such practices. Remember question everything and have conversations this is how change can happen. Thanks for reading and have nice day.

  • Quran commands muslims to kill and subjugate jews, christians and all non believers

    Quran (8:12) I will strike terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

    Quran (9:14) fight them, allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace

    Quran(9:73) o prophet! Strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; qnd their abode is hell and evil is their destination.

    Quran (9:29) fight those who believe not in allah nor the last day, nor hold that forbidden whith hath been forbidden by allah and his messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of truth, (even if they are) of the people of the book until they pay the jizya with willin submission and feel themselves subdued

    Quran (48:29) muhammad is the messenger of allah, and those with him are hard (ruthless) against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves.

  • All evidence suggests that it is

    Look at any country where the "Main" religion is Islam...You'll find nothing but brutal and violent conflict that has been continuous for hundreds of years. I'm not talking about a murder here or there, I'm referring to people forming assault mobs to enter hospitals to "Cleanse" sick and wounded people while they lay in hospital beds. I'm talking about people setting off car bombs in the streets that kill tens of women and children, sick and elderly. I'm talking about Fathers and Husbands publicly executing their Daughters and Wives over supposed honor. I'm afraid that the positive examples of Islam are near non-existent, when is the last time you heard something good come from Islam? One might argue that this practice of Islam is restricted to extremist groups or radical idealists, but anyone can see that's not true. Muslims in the United States have murdered their female family members over honor, they weren't part of any extremist organization except Islam itself. Additionally, Sharia law (Islamic) has been banned in several European countries and has even been banned in Turkey where the majority of the population are Muslim. Sharia law has been deemed as completely and totally incompatible with democracy and has even been defined as the anti-thesis to human rights by the European Court of Human Rights. When measuring Islam in this matter, one naturally uses comparison and unfortunately there's just not any religions in the United States that have followers who are committing these acts of atrocity. Give it some time though, I wouldn't be shocked to see some group of religious radicals who take it upon themselves to snuff out what they perceive to be a threat to their way of life...Oh wait...There already is one.

  • Yes of course. I mean they live in huts right?

    Of course those terrorists are evil. I mean just look at all those verses from the Qur'an say that non-believers should be killed and they will go to Hell. There is no way these verses are taken out of context and there is surely no back story to any of the verses. I mean "Islam" surely doesn't translate to the word "peace". All those Islam are all terrorists duh. But the KKK aren't radical Christians. No no never. They pretty much worship Satan. Hell just let Jesus and Allah fight it out and we'll see who wins. Gays are an abomination. Darwin never existed. Remember guys: Its Adam and Eve NOT Allah and Eve.

  • Islam is a trilogy of Evil books not just the koran! Western people have no idea about that & how disturbingly evil this religion is.

    Islam is a trilogy of Evil books not just the koran! Western people have no idea about how disturbingly evil this religion is. The 3 books of islam: sira/hadith/koran are all brain washing to kill all non believers (kaffirs). Also endorses lying to get what they want. They're aim assimilate all people on earth, follow islam through intimidation, fear or put them to the sword. It's a trilogy of evil books with controlling methods of hatred. Its amazing that the west is so blind to these books? I'm amazed government's allow it to exist in schools with children. They are so brainwashed into thinking that muslims are peace loving people, they are not. Its medieval & has no place in our world. They're not allowed to marry outside of islam! So why does the west insist on integration? Integration also goes against islam! Some of us are wise to this and we will not let the takeover happen. All these points i've mentioned are ACTUALLY IN THOSE BOOKS!!!! Look at the countries of the world where there are war problems or decapitations/rape/horrific fear creating murders designed to frighten the west.. All islamic countries. When i was young 40 years ago, not one of the muslim kids in my school wore niqab or hijab. Its now a show of intimidation, all the muslim girls wear them. They also preach boy girl man woman segregation! Islam has a hidden agenda.. Get wise people, they are trying to take over. This is not a racist comment (as the muslims would have you believe because they fight any form of questioning against their agenda) This is all fact. I urge all western people read the THREE BOOKS!! YES THREE BOOKS OF ISLAM!! They pretend the Koran is THE ONLY BOOK AND ITS peaceful and kind BUT IT IS NOT!!! Even the Koran is Evil.. Read it for yourselves and witness what all these fools are brainwashed by!! Read your history and you will see how many hundreds of millions of people have been slaughtered in the name of islam since 532AD. They argue back saying the crusaders killed thousands blah blah but in fact only a tiny amount compared to the taking over of the whole of ancient greek, roman, spanish, Arab empire... To date 260 million murdered in the name of islam. Killing and kidnapping 20000 Christian woman from spain for eg, bringing them back to arabia to be made muslim harems, just an example! To the modern day, islam has a hold of nearly half the world in only 1500 years. In 1890 the Turks (last of the Ottoman empire) marched 600,000 Armenians into the desert to die of dehydration in the name of islam, this is where the phrase 'genocide' was coined. And to this day, turkey has still made no apology to the Armenian's. There are also 2 main types of muslims: Sharia and Sunni. Sharia is the crackpot original one but sunni is even more doctored!
    Islam Is Evil.

  • Not peaceful at all

    The argument they make is only "1%" of muslims are terrorists.... There are 1.6 billion muslims... 1% of that is 16 million+ terrorists. That's enough to be its own nation. How can islam be a religion of peace when an entire nations-worth of its followers were inspired by their teachings to murder people... That is simply evil.

  • Unfortunately yes it is.

    Violence and denial of the the "other" have been part and parcel of Islam since its early foundation. Of the 4 Caliphs who came after Mohammad, 3 were killed. There are 2 versions on the death of the 4th: by poison or due to illness.
    Mohammad himself ordered the imputation of the hands and legs of some camel thieves and left them to die from thirst in the dessert. He did this in the name of religion.
    One has to read carefully the Sahih Al-Boukhary & Sahih Muslim (the 2 referenced books on what Mohammad said and what he did) to understand that this religion is built on sex, violence and denial of others. My opinion should not be interpreted as a call against followers of Islam. Most of them, like many followers of other religions, have no idea what is their religion.

  • The verses against women

    In the Quran it specifically states women aren't worth as much as men and the founder of this religion Muhhamad married a 6 year old and consummated it when she was 9, I'm sorry Muslims but got God was a pedophile a real fucked up guy not to mention the whole kill the infidel thing

  • Violence, violence and more violence

    Islam knows only violence and hatred towards anyone that do not share its views. There is countless evidence of worshipers abusing, slaughtering, torturing, beheading innocents, raping and abusing women, and blowing people up in the name of Islam. It knows nothing else, and It doesn't only ridicule other beliefs but will physically coerce you into converting with violence. It's like a plague, rapidly spreading and corrupting all in it's path.

  • We are to be tolerant.

    No particular religion is good or evil. It's what the followers of that religion do that give it a bad name. Are there not Christians who act radically in the name of God? There are just too many to count. Does that mean Christianity is evil? No. From a Christian viewpoint, we are to be tolerant of others. How can we be tolerant if we are judging others of being part of an "evil" religion?

  • Islam is perfect. Muslims aren't.

    Sure, 9/11 was terrible. It was an awful thing to do. Those people are terrorists. But they were disobeying the law of the Quran. Which is to never murder the innocent. Osama Bin Laden is not perfect. In fact, I am ashamed to call him a Muslim, because he isn't. He's disobeying the law of the Holy book. Please stop terrorizing and stereotyping Muslims because of so many evil people who claim to be Muslim.

    The Qur'an only says to kill in the state of a war. Those evil "Muslims" raping and bombing down buildings of those who aren't Muslims are ignorant and deserve to rot in hell. Islam teaches to respect and be kind to your neighbours. It teaches cleanliness and so many more common things that they teach in other religions such as Christianity and Judaism.

    Girls in Islam cover their hair so they don't get raped or so they don't cheat on their husbands. Is that evil or oppressed? Muslim girls should have the right to wear the hijab or not.

    Also, the first thing anybody thinks of when I say terrorists are Muslims. When really the meaning has nothing to do with Islam. But I admit 9/11 and all those other attacks by dumb, careless Muslims have created this false stereotype.

    And this is all written by an 11 year old girl. Call me dumb and immature but this is the truth. I have never stereotyped Christians or Jews or been offensive to any other religion. I have chosen not to wear hijab because IT'S MY CHOICE. And any other caring parents should give their daughter that choice. I will wear it soon. And heck, my best friends are Christians and other religions and if they can accept Islam, so can the rest of you.

  • Islam is not evil

    If the religion of islam is so evil why does it tell us to:

    Why does the Quran tell us to be Kind to eachother?

    Why does the Quran tell us to Forgive those who have wronged you?

    Why does the Quran tell us not to backbite, defame, and hurt one another?

    Why does the Quran tell us that we need to look after our neighbours ?

    Why does the Quran tell us we need to give 2.5 % of our income to charity? - The largest population who gives charity is the Muslims

    Why does the Quran tell us to accept invitations?

    Why does the Quran tell us to avoid being jealous of other people?

    Why does the Quran tell us to keep ourselves clean and in a pure state?

    Why does the Quran tell us to fulfill our promises?

    Why does the Quran tell us to avoid lieing and cheating and bribary?

    Why does the Quran tell us to avoid suspicion and avoid spying on others?

    Why does the Quran tell us to Lower our gaze? So that we may be happy with our spouses and not look elsewhere..

    Why does The Quran tell us to be obedient to parents? To be Gentle to our parents and take care of them when they’re old? - instead of puting them in an old age home

    If the Quran and Religion of Islam is so Evil Why does it tell us to rather remain silent if we have nothing good to say?

    Why does it tell us to not commit fornication and adultery? - do you think that if everybody only had sex with their spouse that there would be SO many sexual transmitted diseases? That there would be abortions?

    Why does it tell us to stay away from intoxicants? - look how many families drugs and alcohol have broken up

    Why does the Quran tell us to Greet people?

    Why does the Quran tell us to be united?

    Why does the Quran tell us that we should never oppress anyone

    Why does Islam teach us to be KIND to every living thing? The animals, and even the plants

    Why does the Quran teach us to not fight anybody unless they fight us first and take our homes and property?

    Why does islam teach us to let go of our ego and become humble?

    Don’t you see? Islam teaches us to be the best kind of person..

    Don’t you see? If everybody abided by these laws, there would be no corruption and chaos?

  • Islam isn't evil

    I'm a Muslim and it encourages me to be a better person and to contribute and help the society in the most positive and beneficial way possible
    People may say it is evil due to certain verses in the Quran, but the way some 'Muslims' interpret them is causing the problems. I know you always hear that, but it's true...Otherwise you'd see an army of a billion Muslims wanting to kill all the 'infidels'

  • Of course not!

    Islam is a peaceful religion. Where, in the Koran, the Muslim followers of their prophets and their God, Allah, who is the same God as is with the Christian and Jewish faith, teaches good things. Like: Give to the poor and et cetera.

    Now, over the years due to the group of evil individuals known as the Brotherhood of Islam, some people believe the entire religion is pure evil and teaches terrorism to the followers of it. Because of other people like Osama Bin Laden, we have people feeling like Muslims should be killed and banned from America like Communists once were.

    On September 1st, 2001, The World Trade Centre in New York City, New York was attack by Jihads in the group of Al-QUEADA, and killed many thousands of people. One of which was my great aunt's son, who died in the second plane crash. Terrorist acts like these make many people frown upon the Islamic faith. People feel like we need to do public lynchings of Muslims and et cetera.

    But well, most Muslims I know are calm and peaceful...
    Despite the available stereotypes, I choose to be anti-stereotypical. Because it gets us nowhere in life except further down the drain. If all Muslims were like Osama, I'd understand. But most Muslims I know would not even harm an ant. Even though I don't agree with all of the religious point of views with the Islamic faith, I still don't hate on them for the actions of the Brotherhood of Islam.

  • Islam is not evil , maybe to you it is .

    You might think it is very evil because of the rules , it is actually not it is the true religion. People use islam to commit many crimes . In fact they are very wrong if they say it is evil. I am an 11 year old muslim and i go to madrasah , this is sort of a school for muslims. Allah who is our god teaches us to be kind and good to everyone , hoping oneday everybody acccepts our religion of peace and unity .I read the holy book called quraan daily in arabic and english , i am only 11 but it sometimes causes me to tear and cry to see that people are saying things that are not true about muslims . You may think i am very petty , but please accept islam , i am , however, very respectful of all religions ........ Allah needs YOU to accept and he will reward you with paradise ....
    Insha allah [ please, if allah wills]
    ameen [thanks]

  • Not at all

    My best friend is Muslim so she is part of Islam. Muslims originate from the Middle East,they are known as the Arabic people. I know it may look like they are horrible people by all the terrorists attacks but you have to remember, it's them who are attacking us. My best friend is looked at in a disgust because people think she's part if the attacks. Anyways, religion cannot be judged by us. Islam,(which are Muslims), is not that different from Christianity and the Jewish. The one difference between those religions is method of praying . Another difference is that Christians believe that Jesus is lord,Muslims do not . I cannot say much about the Jewish because I do not know much about them. We have no right to judge religions, I assure you no women are getting raped, I go to the Middle East every summer. But I would like to mention again, do not even dare to say that conflict is going on because of Islam. My best friend has nothing to do with those terrorists attacks but people still see her as a danger . Just like how a Christian man tried to steal a child out of church, no religion is perfect. Muslims ,(Arabic people), have been known to be one of the smartest breeds in the world. Their wouldn't be such algebra today if it weren't for them.Islam is not evil as we have not right to judge any religion. No religion is prefect. They are innocent people trying to prove a point that when the colonist were making there way to America, I think it was New England but they sent a guy to collect spices for them and they happened to see Muslims on their way and when the Muslims offered trades for their needs all they did was kill them. No religion is perfect so why are we judging theirs?

  • Islam is a peaceful religion

    There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, and Islam is the world's fastest-growing religion. If the evil carnage we witnessed on Sept. 11 were typical of the faith, and Islam truly inspired and justified such violence, its growth and the increasing presence of Muslims in both Europe and the U.S. would be a terrifying prospect. Fortunately, this is not the case.

    The very word Islam, which means "surrender," is related to the Arabic salam, or peace. When the Prophet Muhammad brought the inspired scripture known as the Koran to the Arabs in the early 7th century A.D., a major part of his mission was devoted precisely to bringing an end to the kind of mass slaughter we witnessed in New York City and Washington. Pre-Islamic Arabia was caught up in a vicious cycle of warfare, in which tribe fought tribe in a pattern of vendetta and counter vendetta. Muhammad himself survived several assassination attempts, and the early Muslim community narrowly escaped extermination by the powerful city of Mecca. The Prophet had to fight a deadly war in order to survive, but as soon as he felt his people were probably safe, he devoted his attention to building up a peaceful coalition of tribes and achieved victory by an ingenious and inspiring campaign of nonviolence. When he died in 632, he had almost single-handedly brought peace to war-torn Arabia.

  • Of corse it isn't.

    A religion is not good or evil. Neither are gods of that religion. If there were to be good or evil in it, it would be in the people, and I don't single out Muslims on this point. We like to categorize people. Black, White. Gay, straight. Religious, atheist. Good, evil. And so on. And then we try to determine what a person is like by that categorization. It makes it easier for us to judge people. This person is this so he/she must be that.When in reality all that stuff does't matter. We are all just people…humans. No matter what else we might be called we are that first.

  • Ignorance and Hypocrisy

    People that claim Islam is an evil religion are ignorant to the teachings and beliefs of true Muslims in this world. People generalize a whole group on the acts of a view. When 9/11 happened, Americans began hating all Muslims for something specific Muslims did. I would like to highlight that people do not stereotype Christianity due to the actions of a single person or organization. The Westboro Baptist Church has done many actions in the name of Christianity that most Christians disagree with, yet people do not put their actions as the face of Christianity. As outsiders, we see what the media wants us to see and that is that all Muslims are violent and intolerant. However, most of the Muslims I know are peaceful and would never hurt anybody. The people that claim Islam is hateful are hating on a religion they know nothing about. Ironic, huh?

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JonathanDJ says2014-01-06T04:23:09.203
One more manifestation of the Satanic influence in Islam. The Muslims are intentionally destroying historical artifacts on the temple mount to undermine Jewish claims to historical Jewish presence there. This is a frontal and intentional assault on proof of the historicity of the OT. Satan is deeply committed to this cause. I think Jews and Christians will likely understand exactly what I'm saying on this point.
harrytruman says2016-04-26T03:27:46.517