• Yes, like several other religions.

    Religions, and especially extreme ones like Islam, are not about rationality and choice. Instead they reward people based on faith and blind following of a set of behavioral rules. When there are no real options and ways of living to choose from because they are predetermined, then democracy will be stunted. Extreme versions of Christianity have this problem as well, evidenced by the radical Christian right in the US. Also, democracy is based on the idea that all people are equal, and many religions do not follow that teaching.

  • Islam has been an obstacle to democracy

    While there are Muslim majority countries today with more or less stable and successful democracies (e.g. Turkey, Albania, Indonesia), Islam has been in much of the world an obstacle to democracy. This is most likely due to many Muslims' instance on a literal interpretation of the Koran that leaves little room for dissent and restrains the ability of much of the population (women, religious minorities, homosexuals, etc.) to exercise their democratic rights.

  • It works, and it is proven to work

    The 5 most populous Muslim countries in the world are democracies. This shows people must understand that the Shariah can work with democracy, because it is the commitment to Islam. It is good, and my opinion as a Christian is that it could work. Because of too many dictators in the Arab world, there is currently an Arab spring going on. The Arab spring would not happen if there was democracy, which would allow people to regulate the amount of time leaders stay in power.

  • No , cause there is an example like Turkish Republic

    Turkey is a vastly Muslim nation. But also Turkey had democracy before most of the Western countries did. Also we had the right to vote for women in 1930's , it's before than most of the countries.There were lot of female MPs. UK had a women PM once like Turkey did. Tansu Çiller was a great leader in Turkish political history. Did the religion made some behaviors against democracy? Yes , like it did in Western countries. And now in Turkey a Muslim-Conservative party is in the lead , their first slogan is 'Higher Democracy'. Now , some of the people think the people who think Turkey should be Westernized ( not modernized ) is anti-democratic.

  • NO

    No because ISLAM is a religion not a person who can most of the time control the mind of humanities. And if ever you are refering to ISLAM people then I still say no because you are generalizing which is wrong. For not all ISLAM people share the same ideals, just like any other religion there is who always argues with their disagreements.

  • no Islam is not an obstacle for democracy

    There are many types of governments in the world of which the nation of Islam celebrates the oldest. They can run their country how they like. What business is it any one to say they are a problem. They have their own country. They don't police us in the USA so why should we care.

  • Provided governments can separate religion and secular matters, then Islam is not an obstacle to democracy

    Islam is no more radical, fundamental, or restrictive than any other religion out there. In fact, from the readings and teachings professed within this religion, it may be more freedom oriented than some sects that are practiced. Therefore, Islam as a whole is in no way an obstacle to democracy, provided that democracy keeps religion as a whole out of the democratic process.

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