Is Islam compatible with democracy: Is Islam and Islamic societies failing to encourage civil society and democratic debate?

  • Sharia IS NOT A LAW!

    It is only a way of life recommended by Islam. Islam never asks you to leave your culture and totally embrace Arab Culture, unlike Christianity which solidly asks you to follow Jesus Christ's every moment. Islam is a dynamic religion with all the laws of sharia not solid or rigid but recommendations that can be altered.

  • Islam and Islamic societies are failing to encourage civil society and democratic debate.

    Islam is an antiquated religion that refuses to adapt to modern culture. Islam is incompatible with democracy because it demands absolute loyalty from it's followers. Islam literally means "submission". There can never be free and intelligent debates in an Islamic society because the religion does not allow for a difference in opinion.

  • Islam is a barbaric dictator in itself.

    I am an Indian Hindu from India. West, earlier under USA command criticized Indian Hindus for valid retaliation against Muslims initiated riots [common in India, where Muslims just rage a war against Hindus for not allowing their program of evil Islam].
    West had completely ignored the barbarism and terrorism of Islam in India. Thanks to GOD :) that Muslims did same thing to west now. At least hope it will unite all non-Muslims to fight against Islam. West might be blind on this in their news but Islamic barbarism is at least a thousand year old in India.
    Islam is a non democratic Evil cause
    1. It is extremely powerful self protecting evil. Any body who speaks logically referencing science, mathematics and rational thoughts etc against Islam. No logic-> no development -> only poverty and weakness. Most cruel people exists where most idiots live.
    ISLAM IS AN CRUEL IDIOTIC MILITARY STRATEGY. Since an idiotic ideology can only exists via violence so Islam is. Non violent logical people will never accept this so violence become necessary for Islam's survival.
    2. ISLAM is the only religion who encourages rapist and murderers against another faith.
    3. It says spread Islam to get to Jannat. Please remember spreading once religion means invading other civilizations. Conversion is pure form of invasion, no matter how non violently it's done.
    4. Muslims are not patriotic so u can't have them in army, police and other sensitive posts. They are not even human but just Muslims as per Koran. If you don't employ them in sensitive posts then they complain about suppression and injustice and then they bring another line from the Koran and talk about Jihad. No Muslim talks about correcting Islam though, which is the root of all Muslims' problems.
    5. They don't give their sisters and daughters in other religion for marriages while take others. Its pure form of invasion and double standards. It instigates extreme hate and repulsion from target community and breed riots.
    6. They bound to produce more children from their illogical book so they can easily destabilize any country.
    7. They don't respect state laws as Islam is supreme for them. So every Muslims is lethal for human race.
    8. Their life starts at Islam and ends at Islam they can't think anything else so they are like computers whose Operating System is corrupted by virus and can't function as normal anymore. Islam is a virus.
    Are Muslims Naive? Yes they are naive terrorist. They are naive inhuman whose brains are hijacked by Islam.

    Currently two things are feeding Islam/Muslims else they would have extinct.
    1. Oil and natural resources
    2. So called pseudo secular people, Equally naive but kind non Muslims supporting Muslims. These are the people who don't count their wounds but those who are wounding them.
    In Hindus there are so many who are feeding these leeches on them. If we can eliminate these 2 things on which Islam is surviving may be we can fix the issue.

  • Deport all Muslims

    We need to stop letting our governments import Muslims for cheap labor. Soon our nations will be destroyed by this and there will be no more freedom left in the world. Muslims have all ready ruined their own nations and now they are moving to our nations! They should stay in their sand hell nations.

  • NOT compatible with liberal democracies

    Islamists very conveniently use principles of democracy to justify their own autocracy of enforcing strict dress codes, killing homosexuals etc. They have very violent laws like sharia which dictate how to behave in society. Islam is a political ideology which is opposing to western philosophy. So in other words we should be tolerant of intolerance?! I'm sorry but that's not how democracy works! Certain tenants of Australian / European or American culture are NON NEGOTIABLE! Islam nor any other Abrahamic religion has any place in the 21st century. Europe's fastest growing religion ain't pig dirty Islam, Its Atheism. And for these reasons; They all justify oppressing women, homophobia, antisemitism, anti democrat, anti freedom. Its a dangerous cult that believes in a genocidal desert God that wants a monopoly of faith. So what if people worship idols? That's called Individual freedom. So what if people are gay? That's individual and collective freedoms. These desert dwellers would never wake up... They are brainwashed and ignorant as blind bats that want the morals of 1400 years ago. 

  • No religions are

    When you give religions power, you get the middle east. Religions don't have significant political influence in any first world country. It has some influence in America, which is why you see so much bigotry in politics against homosexuals. Christianity isn't a threat to society because people don't practice Christianity. If they did, people would be killed for working on sundays.

  • Islam is NOT compatible with TRUE democracy.

    Islam requires full commitment to a religious ruler. Also it denies any equality with men and women or muslim/non muslim. Without equality, there is no democracy. And first islamic state ruled by mohammed was also not democratic.

    In islamic sheria muslims and non muslims are not equal, also men and women are not equal. No democracy could build upon that strict and unequal rules.

  • Absolutely definitely yes!!!

    From an ex-Muslim perspective I can surly say that this argument is true. Islam makes it impossible for people to argue correctly, since it is forbidden in the religion to even doubt or discuss anything in the religion since it is the word of god. In Saudi Arabia the birthplace of Islam philosophy is banned from universities since it is forbidden.

    Posted by: Kabu
  • Islam is not a hinderance to democracy

    Islamic values are actually very similar to Christianity and Judaism, to which we see present in democracies around the world. We also see democratic countries which are majority Islamic, such as Indonesia and Pakistan. There are plenty of issues in many Islamic countries pertaining to the liberty of women however this often stems not from Islam, but from culture absent of Islam and is a misinterpretation and misrepresentation of Islam.

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