Is Islam compatible with democracy: Is Islamic fundamentalism rising around the world?

  • In the name of Allah

    Of course Islamic fundamentalism is rising. No doubt. It has been prophesised by Prophet Muhammad SAW 1400 years ago. He SAW said that he was given a chance to look at the east and the west and Islam dominated the world. How would Islam dominate the world if not through Islamic fundamentalism. Remember, Islamic fundamentalism refers to the Islam that was taught by Muhammad SAW and not the Islam we see today where the leaders of the arabs are hugging and kissing the feet of the westerners. NOPE.

  • Islam is practiced throughout the US

    The United States is considered a democracy and Islam is practiced throughout the country. Apparently, it is compatible with the democratic way of life. Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise around the world, but in reality it was already in existence, it was just not notice as much until the "War on Terrorism" made Islamic practice a target for racism.

  • Islamic fundamentalism is rising.

    It is just my opinion but I do feel that there are more and more Islamic fundamentalists because the religion is spreading to parts of the world where it was once almost non-existent. For example, here in the United States we are seeing more and more people convert to Islam that previously had no ties to the religion.

  • Sharia law is not compatible with Democracy.

    Sharia Law seeks death by stoning to those who do not wish to Muslim any more and to those who are not Muslim that do not follow Sharia law. A democratic country that practices freedom of religion and allows it people to make the laws cannot allow this.
    No one can say a bad word about Muhammad without the risk of death no mater their religious believes. This is an affront to freedom of speech, a curtail part of a Democracy.
    According to Sharia Law Women are not equal to men and cannot make sound choices. The Qur’an sanctions the beating of women: "As for those [women] from whom you fear disloyalty, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and beat them. This will not work in a truly Democratic society, as women weather you like it or not are in fact people as well.



  • Practising Islam goes against the fundamentals of Democracy.

    For most people practising Islam, they are taught not to question what is being told to them. Under no circumstances can you question or be critical of Mohammed's interpretation of the Quran. Anyone who does question what is taught in most of the Middle East countries, Asia Minor Countries and North African Countries are punished severely. Had practising Muslims actually questioned what is being taught to them then in theory there should be no terrorism, forces conversions, death for apostasy and the list goes on. It is clear democracy and Islam cannot co-exist since most of the fully Islamic countries are not democratic, banning religious freedom and freedom of speech. History tells us that religion and politics should never mix and this is now being seen in Turkey.

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