Is Islam compatible with democracy: Would Islamic democracy be a distortion of democracy to an unrecognizable extent?

  • Original islam, when practiced with knowledge, faith, love and tolerance for differences, was very compatible with democracy, feminism, and universal brotherhood.

    At least two of the founding fathers of our Constitution carried the Qur'an as well as the Bible. They had read of historical successes in the realm of mathematical studies, the healing sciences, and interconnected, states of government as was the case in Spain for 700 years..That is when the Spanish Inquisition killed off the remaining Jewish citizens and Moorish/Muslim citizens for the sake of ethno-religious "cleansing." The basic Tenet of original Islam is that it is simply a faith of historical continuity, values and clean living matter for long-term, as well as "To you your way; to me mine." And most significantly, in times of war and mistrust, we should neither destroy innocent people, the elderly or children, the victimized, or even plants and trees and innocent animals. Do we hold these basic ideas dear in democracy? I say, yes, we do.

  • Islam practices democracy during the prophets time

    Regardless of the so called muslim countries that do not follow democracy, the actual religion does. Muslims picked their caliphas through a democratic fashion, and this was during the prophets time. Islamic political figures may seem to be religious but they are just as corrupt as other political figures seen in other countries.

  • Yes, Turkey is one example, BUT read the post before you say what I know you are thinking

    Turkey shows that even with a population of about 99% Muslims there can still be democracy, we see the radical schools funded by the Saudis all over Arabia and assume that Islam won't be compatible with democracy, but it can, many could say the same about Christianity, but separating church and state is working well in Tunisia, Turkey and even Egypt where large amounts of Muslims wish to modernize their nations, don't forget the fact that almost all of the Muslim nations except 2 are ruled by dictators etc. (which are often very secular minded like in Egypt or Syria!) who use their ways to keep society the way they want, have hope, just like most of Africa is undemocratic or flawed and the same with Asia, we will see change, and you can't act as if what our religious beliefs are will cause massive divulge. We see this in Turkey as the president tried to tell women what to think but these proud independent Muslim women spoke out with thousands of photos to defy him, we see it in the fierce secularism Turkeys court system upholds and the millions of Muslims in Turkey who are concerned for the environment and want closer relations with Europe. In the ashes there is light

  • It is incompatible

    Those who say Christianity is Islam is any religion clearly have no knowledge of either, or history in general. Islam is authoritarian by it's very nature, and it's teachings lend itself to pursue a relationship with government. It is no accident there are no free countries in the world where Islam is the religion of choice.

  • Islam & Sharia not compatible

    Which parts of Sharia law are compatible? The stoning to death for Adultury? Child marriage? Amputation of hands for steeling, no alcohol, Death penalty for leaving Islam, Death penalty for being gay, & Jizya tax for being a 'non believer'. If any of thats is compatible, then Im buying myself an Island & moving their to start my own government.

  • Islam and democracy are not really compatible.

    I don’t believe that Islam is compatible with a true
    democracy. Islamic countries, especially
    those located in the middle east, are often governed by Islamic law. If a democracy exists in these countries, the
    citizens there will most likely only be able to vote for Islamic candidates who
    belong to an Islamic party.

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