• A religion of oppression

    A lot of you try to use the argument that christianity is near comparable to Islam, because it was once indeed in the same position. But that small argument finishes off itself. Christianity USED to be a bit like Islam in terms of social beliefs. But since then, Christianity and Judaism have in fact "westernised". As Christians went to colonise the New World and got new ideas and as Jews immigrated all over the world, having their beliefs fit wherever they might be, followers of Islam were still poor and under the control (for the most part) of the Ottoman Empire. Under the Ottoman Empire, although all citizens had the right to religious freedom, muslims were in a higher class, thus a population that is in entitled to certain rights that other citizens don't have, do not feel the need to go. After the Ottoman Empire broke up, all of this went to hell. That is why Islam is NOT westernised and it might be too late to do so and that is why you CANNOT compare it to Christianity. Also to point out my capable debater's comment on the holocaust committed by christians, Hitler himself was not really a Christian. He constantly questioned christianity, but also religion in general and even said that one day in modern society, there will be no room for religion.

    Here are some examples of practises often associated with Islam
    - Extreme reluctance to gays, even with "moderate" muslims
    - Women often have little to almost NO rights in many muslim countries, to the point that they are treated as cattle and are forbidden to show skin
    - Child marriage is tolerated and even deemed "acceptable" in a couple of muslims countries, as well as polygamy
    - If a muslim marries a non-muslim, they are often shamed by others
    - Convert to anything else is banned
    - Many muslims, regardless of where they're from, hate jews. Anti-Semitism is rising in Europe because of new muslim immigrants
    - Human trafficking and (child) slavery almost always occur in Muslim countries and southeast asian countries (which have a big muslim population). Again on child slavery, Boko Haram anybody?
    - Islam makes it way too easy for extremists to rise
    - Child soldiers. Not just in extremist groups but also in some official militaries of nations.
    - Christian discrimination in islamic countries or regions. For example, before the second half of the 20th century, Lebanon, was majority christian until a series of attacks on christians and even a full blown civil war made them a "sizable majority". There was also a mass Christian Lebanese emigration from Lebanon because of these events
    - Overall violence/aggression towards non-muslims or even other types of muslims
    - Backwards punishments for stepping out of line in certain Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia
    - 7 times since its existence in the late 1940s, Israel has had to fight off DOZENS of Islamic countries because muslims "cannot accept the existence of an Israeli state".

  • ... Of courshe!

    Imam Pavel refused our offer in favor of yours. We had to find out what he told you. Islam is all about masketta men trying to crash planes into large trade centers; with no survivors. It doesn't matter who they are, what matters is their religion. Yes, the fire rises!

  • Islam is a religion of hate that has no place on Earth.

    Our civilisation is under attack so, if Aliens wish to live amongst us and integrate they have to respect our ways of life as underlined in the UN Charter We want all citizens of the world to stand up and say no to Beheading, stoning, lashings, limb amputations, No to capital punishment, and religious persecutions, we demand that Islamic Nations Issue Fatwa’s against: Jihad, suicide killings, the persecution and prosecution of Homosexuals, Christians, Jews and infidels ,Underage Marriage, female genital mutilation, Interbreeding, Segregation, Discrimination, and no to the destruction of Ancient cavitations and Earth’s History. A Fatwa to Open UP Al Aqsa Mosque, Mecca and Medina to all dominations to visit and warship in peace as Stated in THE UN CHARTER to which will are all signatories. “This is just a thought my mine” keep it simple and Let’s March Arm in Arm

  • Quran justifies Violence

    A Muslim can quote directly from the Quran justifying violence against non Muslims while a Christian cannot quote anything directly from the New Testament to justify violence against non Christians. When a Christian goes to war, it is usually based on the natural law of self defense or community defense while a terrorist Muslim sow violence quoting from the Quran.

  • Is Satan Evil?

    First, asking the question "Is Islam inherently bad?" Is and understatement.
    I am in no way religious, so I won't be reciting scripture. But common sense would tell me that "if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, quacks like a duck then it is probably is a duck".

  • Kill those who do not accept

    Muslim said . Islam is religion of peace.
    I think is religion of peace only for muslim. Because allah said only make friends to muslim. Do not keep friendship with non muslim.
    In sura -- 7 aayat -- 4 . It is said that very few pepole accept word . Do you not know many tribes we eliminated from not accepting verse.

    It is clear that islam is not religion for peace . It give only peace to muslim. Because for not accepting aayat you kill tribes .
    Then it is clear muslim kill any one who do not accept islam. Then how it is religion of peace for all comunity.

  • See the atrocities + history of islam + read the holy texts = conclusion.

    1. Read the quran, read the sira, read hadith. It's there plain and simple. I will not quote here all the violence and brutality of quran and Muhammad. Surely everyone can read themselves (texts are in the internet) and not just believe what I or anyone else is saying.
    2. The history of islamic conquests, oppression of conquered areas and slave trade from 7th century to the collapse of Ottoman empire after WWI.
    3. All the brutality we see every day committed in the name of islam.
    4. Conclusion: there is indeed a seed of evil in islam, that has a strong tendency to produce evil deeds. The so-called moderate non-terrorist muslims are far away from teachings of Muhammad as these are told in quran, sira and hadith.

  • That could be said for most religions.

    The Islam (ISIS) most people see today is very radical, at the same time a very small population is radical, if you ask any true Muslim if they believe the values of Al Qaeda or ISIS they will definitely tell you no. And it is quite sad to think that there are islamophobes out there that think Islam is inherently bad, the same could be said about Christianity. And in fact, one could argue that Christianity, when radicalized, is much much worse. Just look at the atrocities of the holocaust, which was caused by radical Christians that we know today as Nazis. Plus the Koran and the Bible both have controversial scriptures, making both susceptible to criticism of allowing wrong doings.

  • Christians don't have much room to talk

    "Terrorist" Muslims are just the modern day form of the Christian crusades. The Christian crusades were a series of religious wars in which christian armies violently attacked non believers, and forced them to worship god as they saw it. Te victims of the crusades included Muslims, Hindus, Jews, etc. If you want to call Islam "bad" take a look at Christianity's history. They don't have much room to say anything.

  • No no no

    All religions have good and bad in their texts. All religions have people who do violent things in the names of those religions. Don't single out Islam. There are plenty of terrorists from other groups. There are plenty of peaceful passages in the qua-ran and peaceful Muslims. Dont single out Islam.

  • Its a religion

    Just like any religion its a religion, if that's what some people believe in then let them believe what they want to believe. I mean you cant stop someone from believing can you? And if you do that is quiet wrong. . . But its your own opinion I guess.

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Akhenaten says2015-10-26T07:15:16.257
All religions are inherently bad because they were all devised by the ruling classes which serve the purposes of the ruling classes.