• Read the Koran

    Read the Koran for yourself and you will find that it says to kill infidels where they stand. No matter what someone tries to make you believe, Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of war, it is a religion of murder, and a religion of terror.

  • No, man is inherently violent

    Islam is an excuse, like spreading Christianity was in the middle ages, and spreading Marxism was in the first half of the 1900's. Ideology, unbending sense of one true _______, power mongering are the enemies of peace. Uneducated people who haven't heard all sides are the enemy of peace, ignorance lets them be led on by charismatic leaders to have tunnel vision and think everyone who doesn't believe the same way is their enemy. Both atheists and religious leaders have led to millions of useless, violent deaths.

  • Islam? No. Many Muslims? Yes.

    Arab/Muslim extremists have been violent ever since the establishment of the religion. Everyone seems to think that 9/11 was some fluke thing and was totally uncharacteristic. I know that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, but there is a very long history of Muslims being violent, invading, starting wars, etc. However I do know that the religion of Islam is based around peace, and it's just its violent followers that make themselves stand out so much, people just can't help but stereotype or assume that there are more of them than there really are. I feel like the bad people in all religions are magnified, but that's a different debate haha.

  • No, Islam is not inherently violent towards the West

    In most American media, Islam extremists are juxtaposed near car bombs and violence. The extremists are portrayed, and it would be a very broad generalization to say that all Islams are inherently violent towards the West. While there have been a few "bumps in the road" in terms of the history between Islams and Western culture, I certainly don't believe that they all Islams have an inherent propensity for violence towards those of Western culture.

  • Islam is not inherently violent, but there are extremists

    Not all of Islam conducts or wishes violence towards the western culture, though entertainment companies may try to sway their viewers into thinking it true. A recent example is the video created by a Californian depicting Muhammad. The extremists spewed their threats, but the vast majority of the followers of Islam showed their support and apologies for the extremists' actions.

  • No, all cultures have extremists.

    If you read the teachings of Allah and Islam in general, they are not meant to be a violent nation. The problem is that with all countries, you have a couple of bad eggs. And in recent years, Islam's bad eggs have risen up. This not make the others prone to violence.

  • Islamic Countries Simply Don't Like Western Meddling

    It is a coincidence that many Muslim countries have large stockpiles of oil. This makes the region valuable to oil consumers such as the United States, China, Europe and India. As such, political ties in the Middle East are based upon a need for oil and not because of religion. Islam is an excuse for locals to rise up against a perception of meddling by Western governments. For too long, the West has meddled in the affairs of the Middle East with puppet governments and invasions.

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