Is Islam one of the motives of terrorism in our world?

Asked by: Ventulus
  • That is what is written in their Kuran

    Kuran says one should not be afraid of spreading their religion if it makes you to use sword. Well I agree that 99% of muslims are not bad but 99% of the terrorist are muslims. I have muslims friends too, but it is true that what it is said in Kuran provokes few Muslims.

  • Yes, But All Religions Are

    First, I would like to make clear the definition of terrorism. It is the use of violence in order to change the opinion of someone. "Oh, but that would mean (insert american president here) would be a terrorist!" Yes, thats what the word was meant to do. If you usse violence, you are a terrorist. If you dont use violence, you are not. This is what was meant to happen. Unfortunately today, I feel the mainstream view of 'terrorist' just means 'someone who did something bad to us Americans!'

    Detonating a bomb in the name of Allah is terrorism.
    Burning someone at a public viewing to show that Christianity is the true religion is terrorism.
    Invading other lands to spread your beliefs is terrorism.

    So with that said, yes Islam is one of the motives for terrorism in our world. So was Christianity during the crusades. So was Judaism during the Holocaust. So was Democracy during the Arab Spring. Terrorism is by no means secluded to Islam, or any religion. With he true definition of terrorism being anyone who uses violence to invoke a change of opinion, nearly everyone can be classified as a terrorist.

  • Saying something as far as i know

    First , i make it clear that i am not a believer of any religions But i have friends from different religions. Personally , I feel that Christians are more welcoming to outsiders .By saying this , I mean that as a non-believer, Christians are still willing to make friends with me and hang out with me . They just share their warm hearts with me . I won't feel isolated or lonely when i stay with them . But when i stay with some muslism people , i just feel isolated and deattahed . Because they are more willing to talk to people from their religions and consider outsiders as me as strangers. So i feel unwelcomed and unpleasant with them .Thus , i begin to developing a biased opinion towards them . And I had a roommates , we were used to be good friends . But after she fully commits herself to muslism religions and our friendship ends ..It is not us who do not like making friends with them , it is her that intentionally stays away with us because she think we( non- muslism) are not pure and indeed we have lots of sins . To keep herself pure, she won't make friends with us any more …..I just feel sad about this situation. What is worse, she told me that the rest of the world try to be cruel to them as a believer of muslism ,so she will take actions to stop this …..Finally, i will use one sentence from one of my best friends as a conclusion, she said,' as a non-believer, we can accept and respect what the muslism said ,but they can never think in our shoes and repeat what we are saying . They always think they are the best religions in the world and try to purify others. This is why there is so many terrorists in the world….."

    What i only acknowledge the good side about this religion is that the lamb cooked by them is really delicious and the noodles , these two are my favourite food ever….Thank u for providing delicious food for us but please stop terrorism …..

  • Illuminati are the terrorists

    Islam is just a religion, like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Confucianism, and Taoism. There are good and bad Christians and there are good and bad Muslims, however this does not mean that there entire religion is evil or that all Muslims are evil, and the only terrorists behind 911 were the illuminati, and they are not Muslim.

  • Just a bunch of war propaganda to justify the invasion of several nations for profit

    The sole reason for "terrorism" is because the US invades and destroys other countries for oil and other exploitable resources.

    If China started bombing the US with drone strikes, murdered your children, blew up hospitals, overthrew your government, imposed inhumane sanctions under the premises they were bringing "freedom". While they were just harvesting and mining the natural resources of your country for their own agenda.

    Would you just stand there and accept it?

  • No, only the ones who take Islam is an extreme manner.

    The majority of Muslims probably don't want to harm others and kill those in the West. I think the religion is criticized because of a few people who take it the wrong way. Notice, it's not only Extreme Muslims who can be extremists. There are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, and Hindu extremists.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T17:30:18.800
Terrorism = Violence and/or intimidation to make a stand and usurp the social order and make a political statement (the wrong way)

Religion is not the problem. Radicalized religion is. There are those who use their religion as a vessel for political and personal power, when its original intention was to teach truth beyond either of these. Violence exists in many religious texts as a means to convey these truths to a population in a context they would understand. Those who take the teachings too literally may be missing the point of the lesson, and translate their interpretation to violent action against a perceived oppressor or "other". Radicals in and around the Middle East, the Nazis, the KKK, and even the Black Panther party resorted to violence as an extreme means for political action. Some still do. This is a less productive means to send their messages of real or percieved oppression.

The motives are more commonly personal power, political power, and popular outcry. Religion is more often, and incorrectly, used as a shield to justify their terrorism and violent actions. The source of the true motive lies in the lack of a non-violent attitude and avenue in which to express their grievances and in many cases, a lack of desire to change and evolve with our collectively improving understanding of our moral and ethical compass.