• It is the only logical and rational religion.

    Let is look at every religion and make comparisons. God keeps the other religions in this world so that people can realize the true path out of the bunch.

    Looking at the 5 main religions of this world:

    Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

    Let's quickly break it down and see what 'religion' means.

    Religion is a system of beliefs, as well as a system for establishing a relationship with the Creator.

    Now the Creator is an infinite, omnipotent, and omnipresent being. So logically speaking, God is the infinite deity that exists outside this universe, outside of time, and outside of space. Only He truly exists, and everything else in this world is His creation, that includes time, so He exists outside of time itself.

    Hindus believe in more than one deity, it is logically impossible to have more than one infinite being running this world if you do some study, so lets slash off Hinduism, harsh, I know.

    Now let us continue. Buddhists claim Buddha (as) as the son of God, and Christians ascribe Jesus (as) as the son of God. Both of these claims are illogical, because God is a being that is absolutely nothing like His creation, God doesn't have children, nor parents. God is nothing like us humans. Secondly, if God did have a son, how could it possibly be in a form of a human being?

    A human being is a finite creature, a finite being with limitations, weaknesses, and temptations. It is illogical to attribute a finite physical CREATION to be associated anywhere near an infinite and transcendent deity. Slash off Christianity and Buddhism.

    Now let us examine the nature of God Himself, the Creator. God created everything, from the ends of the universe, to the very complex atoms that are invisible to the naked eye. God has power, reign, and dominion over everything He has created. He fears nothing, He weeps at nothing, He cannot get tired or sleepy, He does not have any limitations, He does not have any temptations.

    According to Judaism, the teachings have ascribed human natures to God that cannot logically apply to Him. They state that God had become tired on the last day of creation, they also state that God cried and wept. Can one who gets tired and cries and weeps be a God? Not at all, it is illogical. We can slash off Judaism.

    That leaves Islam.

    Let us examine the rationality of 'Islam'.

    Islam itself means 'Submission to the Will of God', which is the prime OBJECT of religion.

    In Islam, God is strictly ONE, with 99 perfect attributes that do not contradict one another. The concept of God is 100% logical and rational in Islam. The omnipotence and omnipresence of God is completely recognized, the transcendent attributes and natures of God are completely recognized in Islam.

    By the concept of GOD alone you can find the TRUE religion.

    Islam remains unchanged, the concept of God is and has been consistent since the beginning.

  • Not any more ridiculous

    I don't see how Islam is any more ridiculous than Christianity. I personally feel all religions are whacked up. For Harbinger, his main argument is that the Qur'an was written by Muhammad being tortured. (Not sure if that is right, but I will accept it at face value) Is that any more ridiculous than god having a baby that is also him with a virgin that grows up and god sends his son, who is also himself to die so he could save everyone. Why did he kill one third of himself so he could save everyone? The Qur'an makes just as much sense. If any religion is right, I think Islam has just as much chance of being right as any, though I believe all religion is ridiculous.

  • It is the right religion

    How can we judge the right and the wrong religion ? That's the main question. People almost answer this question in a subjective way, because if we believe in a religion we merely regard this religion as right and the others as wrong , this may lead to say that people cannot reach to know this truth because the truth is always objective . When I said Islam is the right religion , I was based in my faith and reason since I believe that God is the only one who own the truth and he said that Islam is the right religion .

  • Proof in Islam being right

    I just think it is the most logical religion because everything in Islam is for our own good. Christianity allows alcohol and alcohol damages the brain. Christianity allows pork and Islam don't because pigs eat their own poop and they have the closest skin to human skin. Christianity states that Jesus is God but a god doesn't die and in Islam Jesus is just a prophet. The Hindus believe that cows are gods but how can we eat our own gods. Take a look at the front of your hands, Those lines are Arabic numbers and when added they are the number of names God has. The numbers are 18 and 81 and god has 99 names. Islam is the path to heaven.

  • Islam is the best religion

    Is the most logical and the best religion in the world. Most peaceful religion, Most logical religion, Most beautiful religion is Islam. Haters will keep hating and blaming Islam to be wrong but they are wrong and they also know it but they want to challenge Islam and they ofcourse can't because of their strange faiths. Islam Zindabad

  • Islam is the right religion because it is a universal religion and hard religion and a genuine one.

    Islam is a universal religion because anyone can be Muslim. No matter if your Asian, African, Canadian, European or American. It is is a hard religion because you pray five times a day in the right place. Like, So if any other religion can pray anywhere, Anytime can you as well pray in the bathroom? How can Jesus be the Son of God? How can Jesus be the Father of God? Which is Jesus, The son or the father? I am not criticizing any religion nor am I including a name of religion. You may have a different view of religion and that’s ok. But, Eventually we will all die. What happens when we die? If you have more sins that good deeds you will go to h*ll. After h*ll we will all go to heaven. This is my point of view. Thank You

  • Islam is the right religion

    Islam is the right religion because how can prophet Muhammed read Arabic when he can’t read or write. It’s called the Miracles of Muhammed. Also there is only one god who we praise and love. You’re saying Makkah and Medina are all lies. We will find out on day of qiyyamah

  • Yes I think Islam is the correct religion.

    I will not support myself. But say this : God is all merciful. We do not need to be Muslim to go to heaven. We simply need to be kind to everyone, Thankful, That we dont lie, Dont kill, And dont steal. I feel that everyone claims that only there religion will go to heaven. This is not true. We will be judged, Good or bad, Not by religion. Respect everyone and there beliefs. And I proudly say I believe in Islam

  • It is the right religion.

    Of course its right,i can can feel it ,everyone can they just wont admit it because they are scared of whats to come .They know its right.Theres proof,evidence call it whatever u like but we know its right.Everything about it is right what isntt?Im not perfect but still somehow i am so sure.I really want to become a good muslim. Thats all thats important right now for all of us whether u like it or not.All we need is islam, this life is temporary and we are all being tested.Instead of avoiding it and forgetting it we need to TRY, try do everything we can to end up in heaven,thats the ONLY place i want to be in,with Allah,inshaallah.We avoid it because its hard,its the hardest religion to follow so we step away from it even if we dont want to.Is a school test easy if you have never revised?No,so we try not to think about it,and we avoid it.And thats wrong.And ANYONE has the right to call themselves a muslim regardless of how they look.But we need to PRAY.Please help eachother to pray and actually mean it.This could all happen in a peacefully way and i know it.

  • I say Islam is right and here's proof.

    Islam is right. God is the creator of the world if so, why can he/she die? Like how "Jesus" died? God has existed longer than Jesus so how come he/she hasn't died yet? If Jesus was a god, he wouldn't die. You might say how come god doesn't have a son or a wife. Well, simply because he doesn't need it. Allah is god, he can do anything. Why would he need a companion he could do anything, but he can't talk to his creations physically. His prophets had to show the truth, and Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam is a perfect example of a prophet who did his career right telling people Allah's way. Actually every Prophet did their job right in some way. This is why Islam is true. Also you might say "How did Jesus get resurrected?" In the Quran Jesus was not killed, instead a person similar to Jesus died.

  • No, Absolutely not.

    I will just drop one reason why Islam is not the correct religion. We can go and read the Qu'ran and see how and why Muhammad wrote the Qu'ran. No Muslim will deny and if they do you can read it, that the Qu'ran states Muhammad was tortured to write the Qu'ran. He could not read so the angel who influenced him tortured him to write it. How can one ever want to follow someone god that uses angels to hurt their own followers and prophets? One shouldn't.

  • Does it really matter?

    People will always say their religion is the right religion. It has nothing to do with statistics or stuff like that and what the "Logical" choice is. People will simply tell you their belief is better, because no one likes being wrong. Any sort of logical sense you try to defend your religion ends up making you look like an @$$.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • Without a Doubt, No

    Simply look at the countries that are a majority Muslim. Would you feel safe walking around those if you were not of the same faith? If it is so much about peace then why do people get killed for converting to a different faith? It is a religion of hate disguised as peace. Religion says you must still do, a relationship with Christ says it is DONE.

  • No riligion is right.

    If allah could have a single man as his best creation,why camt he have a son. You claimed that allah is present out of space and time, which is irrational, so tell me why he cant have a son. Do you really want to know why islam is not right religion. Check out these
    You will see for your self.

  • Allah is a dead God

    If you take into account what the Qur'an says about god, it states that people who do evil things for their God will go to heaven, right? But ANYONE who isn't Islam will go to hell imediately. The Qur'an and Islamic faith talk about so much hate and disgust. The Bible and God say to love your neighbor as yourself, and love all as yourself. And there is completely undeniable evidence that Jesus is resurrected from the dead. Every miracle done by God in my life shows how pure and good the lord is, and I will worship him for all my days. All people who say that Christianity is wrong don't have true evidence to back them up. But anyway, I couldn't hate someone who is of a different religion, because that's not what I was made to do. So you can worship whatever god you want, but Jesus is the one true god! Have a good day I love all you strangers <3

  • Islam is wrong religion

    Islam is wrong for one simple reason and which is they believe in a God who will send non-believers to hell and they will be there for the rest of eternity. And he will send people doing horrible things in his name to heaven. These things simply don't fit into my sense of morality. Period. So I refuse to accept Islam as true.

  • No, it is not

    Islam is not the right religion simply because there are no right religions. I'm not saying religions are not right, don't get me wrong. It's just that if we think reasonably for a moment, it should be evident that religion is not a rational perspective. I know people who believe, and it is totally fine. However, since no religion is a universal truth, no religion is the right one.

  • No, it is not.

    Islam is not the right religion simply because there are no right religions. I'm not saying religions are not right, don't get me wrong. It's just that if we think reasonably for a moment, it should be evident that religion is not a rational perspective. I know people who believe, and it is totally fine. However, since no religion is a universal truth, no religion is the right one.
    Let me explain my view of what I call a "universal truth" here. A universal truth is something that works for everyone, anywhere, anytime and under any circumstances. For example, if we specify here, on Earth, that if I drop my pencil that it will fall onto the ground, it is a universal truth. Anyone who drops a pencil (ON EARTH), no matter in what country they are, what time is is or what the circumstance is, the pencil will land on the floor. A universal truth is usually a scientific law, something that has been methodically, empirically or reasonably proven.
    So then, take Christianity. Does everyone believe in the Christian God? Of course not. If I live in Middle East, I will probably believe in Allah. So here, we can clearly see that not everyone agrees with the Christian point of view AND it's belief aren't rational enough, meaning it cannot be a universal truth. Same goes for Islam.
    To conclude, all of my rambling simply means that no religion can be the right one because it isn't a rational speech. It's up to the individual to decide FOR THEMSELVES whether a certain religion is right or not FOR THEM. But if we speak for the entire humanity, a single religion can never be the right one.

  • Define 'right' first.

    Every religion aims for different goals, and different goals have different roads. Islam aims for personal salvation in Islamic heaven, Islamic salvation and favors from the Islamic God. And the road to Islamic heaven is obviously Islam; you don't follow Buddhism or Judaism to reach the Islamic heaven. Hence, if one tries to say whether Islam is the right religion, I'd say that yes, it is IF AND ONLY IF the goal you're trying to attain Islamic heaven, Islamic salvation and favors from the Islamic God. But if 'right' here is defined as 'true,' then I have to differ.

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