Is islam The True Religion Brought To Mankind?

Asked by: ruthpumarejo
  • Yes, Of COURSE!

    WE ARE ONE, THERE IS ONLY 1 GOD <----------------------By Ruth Pumarejo *Worth the read* Islam is the way of life. We have the Torah, The Bible and the Quran. One misconception is that the Bible is not "instant" Scripture and it wasn't all written down around the same time. Instead, the books of the Bible were written over a lengthy period of time by different people inspired by God. All of "the books" were from God. The Quran says that Firm belief that all of them were revealed from God and that God spoke them is a real sense. Some of them were heard from Him from behind a veil, without there being any intermediary from among the angels. Some were conveyed by an angelic Messenger to a human Messenger. Some were written by Allah"s (God in Arabic) own Hand, as He says. THE QURAN was pretty much humanity's final communication with God. It was brought down by the Archangel Gabriel through Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) in 23 years. The Archangel Gabriel told The Prophet (pbuh) to recite the Holy Qur'an. Even though he was illiterate he still recited it and that is why the Quran is only recited in Arabic. Arabic being the first language also spoken by Adam .They say it is "the language of the angels". When I first read Qur'an I felt as if God was reading it to me in first person in the Heifer ( Surah Al- Baqurah) The chapter of The Cow. I was so inspired because as I read on, I found that the Qur'an was God's way of healing mankind and guiding people to the straight way. The way on those of whom he has bestowed his grace, not of those who have caused him anger, nor of those who have incurred his wrath. Nor of those who have went astray. I also felt confident reading a book that had never been changed by man. Where we have the bible in which has been revised about 10 times and if not, more. It's good to know that God has shown me the way at such an early age.

  • Yes it is.

    If all people learn what is Islam really (not from media) they will know how important it is. Islam is a lifestyle, a lifestyle full of love and justice if we follow it well. Don't look at Muslims and say, "this is Islam." Because not all Muslims represent Islam as a good religion because they could do mistakes, but Islam is a perfect religion with no mistakes.

  • There is no true Religion

    The question itself is an interesting one. For science to consider something True an hypothesis firstly needs to be consistent with systematic observation, measurement, experiment, the formulation, testing and modification of said hypothesis. This all amounts to evidence which means the said hypothesis can then be upgraded to a scientific theory. The next step is to have the ability to reproduce and verify the data in a consistent and reliable way so the statistics can be repeated. The theory is then tested by Rival theories and then the final Result should produce scientific truth. The simple scientific rule is ‘extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence’ and if we were to treat religion scientifically, it would be a failed hypothesis. The only evolution of Religion historically is not to truth but mythology.

  • Archaeology says Differently:

    Yahweh was one of many Gods which existed in Judea in the 8th Century BCE, It was Josiah who decided to make Yahweh the National God to unite his people under one religion, so together with his scribes, Ezra and others, they invented the History of Judaism, Genesis and Exodus were invented by them.
    Yahweh (Allah) was one of the Gods of Bedouin Pastoral Nomads, which were war based Us vs Them people, so this is why Yahweh/Allah is so into bloodshed and killing infidels/pork_eaters. As Judea highlands where the religion formed, was surrounded by Philistines (pork eaters) thus the hatred for people who eat pork.
    The Torah was invented by Ezra after Judea was conquered and the people enslaved in Babylon. So the god of Judaism, Christianity and Islam was one of many gods who Josiah decided to make his main God, he could have chosen any other Gods.
    Thus Josiah wrote the first 4 Commandments of the Torah.
    This is all backed by archaeological Evidence.

  • It's as true as all the other true religions.

    Islam is much like the "Yahweh or the highway" crowd that exists within the second largest majority of thinking on the subject.

    Since none can be proven, and all demand unquestionable validity of their respective gods, it's about as useful as flipping a coin as to which is the true religion.

  • Islam is completely worthless..

    Islam is a violent totalitarian ideology derived from a deviant 7th century warlord that clearly fabricated a religion by pirating aspects of Judaism, Christianity, and Paganism in Arabia. Allah was the name of the principal though not the only deity in pre-Islamic pagan Mecca. Allah is NOT the God of Israel, but the personal name of the 'divine spirit' that according to the beliefs of the pagan Arabs,RESIDED in the
    Black Stone meteorite - embedded in the wall of the Ka'ba that was Venerated by the pagan Arabians long before Muhammad and his Quran. Ilah is the correct Arabic for God. Despite the rosey picture on the other side of the argument, Muhammad's supposed encounter with the "angel" had led him to attempt suicide and he was asked to read (not recite) the Quran even though you'd think an angel would know the man to be illiterate. And this has to be the first instance of an angel of the Lord inflicting pain on a wouldbe prophet. Also, the PBUH is another faulty translation, which actually reads prayers and salutations be upon him, which begs the question as to why allah is praying to his prophet. The historical records of Arabia, written by the followers of Muhammad attest to the fact that some of the very important verses of the Quran were plagiarized from pagan Arabian poems. Far from allah guiding anyone, the followers of the Quran are commanded to make total war on the world until sharia (islamic world) dominates. In the world today, we see genocide, mass murder, terrorism, and other ills in the name of allah has the historical records bears over the past 1,400 years since it was founded.

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