• Not all Muslims are terrorists -- most terrorists are Muslim

    Violence is preached to a large extent in Islam -- Islamophobia is not a phobia. It is commanded that you beat your wife should she continuously disobey you. It is commanded that you try to convert the infidels, and in the event of failure, you kill them. It is commanded that you die for your religion.

    These are things that are commanded within Islam; this is not to consider what Islam inspires the 'radical Muslims' to do (honour killings, stonings, mass Jihad).

    Do not be persuaded by the political correctness strangling the media.

  • Islam preaches violence

    First, I'd like to start with the following quote from the quran: (8:12)
    "[Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, "I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.""
    And a second one: 8:16
    "And whoever turns his back to them on such a day, unless swerving [as a strategy] for war or joining [another] company, has certainly returned with anger [upon him] from Allah , and his refuge is Hell - and wretched is the destination."

    Therefore, Islam FORCES muslims to kill all disbelievers in islam under the penalty of burning in hell for ever.

    Some people claim that Christianity is quite violent because of the Crusades. This is true, except that the difference between Christans' killings and muslims' killings is that Christians are commanded to be peaceful and loving (Matthew 5:44 " But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you").

    In short, violent Christians are going against the will of God whereas violent muslims are only doing what God has supposedly asked from them.

  • Quotes from the Quran

    Hadith 9:4 "Wherever you find infidels kill them; for whoever kills them shall have reward on the Day of Resurrection."
    Quran (4:76) - "Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah…"
    Quran (9:14) - "Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace..."
    Quran (9:123) - "O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness."
    Bukhari (52:177) - Allah's Apostle said, "The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him."
    Muslim (1:30) - "The Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah."

  • Islam has caused conflict wherever it has gone.

    Islam is a non-tolerant belief. Wherever Islam goes, violence is bound to follow. There is a positive co-relation between Islam and conflict. Just look at the countries where Islam is predominant (not necessarily having a Muslim majority)- Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, and many more. Try being a Christian, or a Hindu or an atheist in these countries. You will be targeted time and again until you you move elsewhere or convert to Islam. Islam is also highly intolerant and extremely hostile towards any criticism aimed towards it. (Ironically, a lot of people face death threats for saying that Islam is not a religion of peace.)
    Some people here are saying that Christianity is the most violent religion in the world. While it is true that much blood has been spilled in the name of Christ, Christianity has moved forward with time whereas Islam has not.

  • Not a single muslim country is happy.

    Honestly, I wish I never had to say this about somebody's faith, but Islam is the root cause of most unhappiness in the world. With so many violent verses in the Quran, it isn't a wonder why there are so many extremist groups. If muslims truly believe Islam is the religion of peace, they would do something about the violence that takes place. Condemning it doesn't do anything. So far, only the U.S and its allies have done anything, but they can't do it alone. They need your help.

  • Islam tried to conquer India

    Islam trying to conquer India took at least 80 million lives. Arabs, Islamized Persians and Moguls have tried in centuries to overthrow the whole of India, but never succeeded. The most lives where lost when people refused to convert to Islam and were beheaded. The renown historian Will Durant has written about these atrocities.

  • Islam must dominate others - one of the Islamic fundamentals

    Islam regards Non-Muslims and Women as inferiors and enforce discriminatory and violent laws on them. Islam does not consider all humans equal in rights, therefore peoples' rights are being taken away.
    Muslims must not accept any man-made governance and must do everything possible to replace it with sharia. Any rejection is peacefully or violently squashed. When in small numbers they must follow the rules of the land, but once in larges numbers, even far from majority, they start social unrest and fight against "oppressors."
    Beating, physical punishment, amputations are allowed.
    Slavery is allowed.
    Death Punishment for apostasy is allowed.

  • Islam is the most violent religion we have in the modern world - communism used to be.

    If you try to answer this question: "Name two religions whose followers openly advocate the use of global terrorism." You can only come up with one answer - Islam.

    Islam is also the only religion we have that also insists on having religious governance. The government of most other societies have separation of church and state, and built-in checks and balances. Islam has none of it.

    Women are to be subjugated, unbelievers are to be killed. Simple messages.

    And anyone that still uses words like "Crusades" or "heresy" in their arguments is avoiding the issue - Islam needs to change, renounce violence everywhere and for every reason.

    America fights for the economic and societal interests of America. Americans aren't fighting a religious war - Islamists, stop attacking, and America will stop defending against those attacks.

  • A look through history.

    If history shows us anything, it is millions have killed in the name of religion. However in the modern world there is not a more destructive force than Islam. Where other religions have gone through reformations that ended in more peaceful practices, Islam's reformation allowed for acts of violence and oppression. The level of corruption and the atrocities committed against their own people repeat themselves at every level of their society. Ritual stonings, mass genocide, the oppression of the poor, and the subjugation of women are all standard practices. They continually slaughter each other over minor differences in their beliefs. Imagine if christian babtists and protestants murdered each other in the streets for nothing more than religious differences. If you will not convert you must die, how is that peaceful.

  • Killings everywhere based on religion

    More than 18000 attacks in last 10 years in the name of religion, compared to putting all other religion. Non believers to be killed, Husbands to beat wives, less freedom for women, stoning as punishment, and on top of it mentioning one book covers each and every aspect of human life - total ridiculousness.

  • Most Abrahamic Religions are violent.

    Islam is not the worlds most violent religion. It is on par with Christianity, and most other religions in the world. Has everyone forgotten The Crusades? The Christians were the invading forces, and they committed more atrocities in a few hundred years than Islam has in the past century or so.

  • No! Islam would not be the most violent religion.

    The most violent religion is Christianity. We can just go back and look who has killed the most. I am a Christian and I do not consider Christian who have done such things as Christian. But, the church and society accepts them as Christian. That means overall with all denominations included, Christianity is the most violent religion.

  • Not at all

    Islam itself means peace acquired by submitting ur will to God.
    How can it promote violence.
    If someone is doing violent actions, his religion should not be blamed for it.
    This is only the hype media is trying to create to stereotype Islam as a violent religion.
    In Islam, it teaches that , if you kill an innocent human , than it is as u have killed whole humanity. Killing of Innocent people,this action is against Humanity.

    Even Violence of any kind to even your family or friend is prohibited.
    Islam tells to be humble and nice to your parents the most and other being as well.

    The Problem is people without reading Quran judge Islam based on what media is propogating.
    To understand Islam one make an effort to read Quran and study life of the Prophet,

    Violence is to be used, as a last resort, but towards the evil elements of society,
    which is not only morally advisable but necessary.

  • Islam is not violent.

    While there are radical Islamic men, they are not true to their faith. The Islam are people and they don't believe in violence or fighting or death. They live in prayer and they live humbly. Those saying they are fighting for the Islamic nation are lying. They are fighting battles in their head.

  • Religion is inherently violent

    Islam is not the most violent religion, obviously people choose to remember things that happen during their life times because it is in their specific memory but, if you've ever picked up a history book you would know Christianity is the most violent religion. From the crusades to the white man's burden all have been performed in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • No, it's not. Traditional Paganism is.

    Islam is actually a very peaceful religion. So it has corporal and capital punishments, so what? I would rather see the thief who has no reason to steal have his hand cut off than a slap to his wrist. I would rather see a rapist whipped than sit in jail. I would rather see adulterers killed than have it allowed and commonplace.

    As far as jihad goes? People fight over just about anything, and under the assumption God exists, can you possibly tell me that He is below the other reasons such as land, oil, politics and all the like? Of course not. It is more noble to fight for God than it is to fight for anything else.

    And as I said, Paganism is the most violent religion, as it does human and child sacrifice, and many other things. It is basically a free for all. There are no real set rules, and many deities that Pagans today worship are very violent and evil.

  • Do not forget.

    The Inquisition. Torture methods such as burning, strappado, the rack, water torture, heretic's fork, the branks, thumb-screws, wheel, pear, breast-ripper, hanging cages, garotte, head-crusher, iron maiden, 'boots,' judas cradle. All this usually resulted in a false confession, which lead to burning at the stake, which was unpleasant, I'm sure. The crusades. Instigated by the Pope.

  • Every religion has its extremists...

    We put too much emphasis on the extremists. Plus, you have to take into consideration the fact that Muslims were never really more violent than any other religion during the early centuries. Christians persecuted them almost as much as the Jews and combat among all three resulted in endless bloodbaths. Muslims may have attacked Hindus, but the feeling was mutual. Sad that it basically ripped apart India, but things happen.

    Also, have you even read about the Aztecs before? They believed that their gods required blood sacrifice in order to keep the world working. Sacrificing prisoners or their own by cutting out live beating hearts..! I think that beats out anything Muslims do that anyone would find disgusting, vulgar, or "evil".

    And, when a religion is threatened, that is where the extremists bloom. The extremist Islamists feel that Western influences--which they see as counter to their ways of life--are basically tearing apart the very core of their culture. Also, seeing as people seem to not care what Muslims want --Palestine, hands off their oil, fighting their own battles without everyone constantly supporting Israel despite them constantly teasing every Muslim nation surrounding them--they feel frustrated as hell, no doubt. No one seems to care about what they flipping want.

    And Christianity preaches "love they neighbor", but apparently that takes backseat to anyone deemed as sinful, like if they're gay or whatever. Apparently, Jesus's teachings shouldn't be taken so seriously if no one is going to follow them as they are. The Torah and the Bible have pretty messed up ideas that some people still follow, and the Qu'ran is no exception.

  • Maybe currently, but not overall

    The reason Christianity is not treated like the worlds most violent religion is simply because they've already gotten their violence over and done with. They've already won. Christianity leads in wealth, with more land and power in the world. The western religions don't need to be violent because they already won the battle long, long ago. Luckily for them it was also much easier owing to the lack of risk involved in starting a war and such other situations which keep the current world order as static as it is. In a way, it's kind of unfair - but that's life. Christianity got in there nice and early with the savage enforcement of it's views and belief's.

    Now Islam is just currently a rapidly growing religion, partially thanks to the oil the US buys from Islamic countries, making them now surprisingly the richest (but not necessarily 'wealthiest') religion. Unfortunately for them, they're too late to take the world in the way that Christianity, Catholicism and Judaism already have - gradually and country-by-country.

    Christianity has a LONG history of violence and wars. Islam on the other hand has only just really gotten started - it's even only just actually defining itself on all it's views. Christianity has had time to evolve and refine their views and beliefs, but the Qur'an is still far, far less "deciphered" than the Bible, and their views seem to have been changing a lot recently.

    And unfortunately, it's simply these modern times making violence so easy that is making the contrast between more popular religions in the western world and Islam more vivid. You see people shooting guns for not having their beliefs and you think it's the most violent thing possible. Back in the glory days of Christianity, they just threw stones at people instead... Not much has changed really, except the tools. And I'm sure back then, stoning people to death was the most violent thing possible. Arguably, shooting someone and killing them instantly is less violent than the painful and slow act of stoning someone to death, so again, when you look at Muslim extremists in such a negative light, just remember the many horrible acts our western religions have engaged in in the past. Christianity has certainly used a much wider and more violent variety of killing (and torturing) methods in the past.

  • Slavery. Not that long ago...

    Seeing as this is mostly about Islam vs Christianity. Yes the Crusades were a while ago but, Slavery. Almost every slaver in the states whet to church every sunday. Though that ended a while ago, it still wasn't too long ago... And a lot are still very racist. This is coming from a guy who doesn't yet know what religion to follow.

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leojm says2013-05-10T16:56:44.937
Pennington, why your account is deactivated? I'm going to miss you terribly. I like you. Your a good friend, you have helped me so much, I still wan't your help. :'(
Anonymous says2013-06-27T01:49:21.660
No, but Jihadism is. Can they listen to the qu'ran anymore? Muhammad said suicide isn't nice. What's wrong with this planet we're living in, man?