Is Islam to blame for most of the problems in the middle east?

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  • Islam is not a new phenomenon therefore newer issues are likely the result of more recent causes.

    Islam was founded in the Middle East over a thousand years ago. The Middle East was once the pinnacle of civilization and far outstripped Europe in terms of technology, philosophy, and science while also adhering to Islam. The Ottoman Empire was a powerful force in the world for quite some time and Islam did not prevent it. What has changed is that oil became arguably the most valuable commodity in the world and the Middle East contains abundant amounts of it. Foreign powers have therefore sought to obtain access to oil by any means necessary and have therefore justified propping up brutal dictatorships and military intervention towards that end. Imperialism, driven largely by oil, is the independent variable that has changed. With that change has come those who oppose imperialism and they voice this opposition in a culturally specific language to the region. Just as groups in the western world have used the language of Christianity to communicate a cause, groups in the Muslim world have used the language of Islam to communicate their opposition to imperialism. Had these states been allowed to develop without foreign interference and without foreign support for tyrants, it is likely that terrorism in the name of Islam against the west would have never garnered support and the Middle East would be a much better place than it is today.

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