Is "Islamaphobia" (fear/hate of Islam and Islam people) still largely present in the United States?

Asked by: ramramgeorge
  • Yes, it exists

    First of all, there's no such term as Islamophobia. You probably mean xenophobic demeanor near a person from the Islamic regions of Africa. Yes, it is there, but not as direct as you may think. It exists in form of institutional racism. See, no one is likely to point at anyone who professes Islamism and call him/her rude names. But every single worker in an airport will double-check the credentials of anyone with slightly Arabic looking facial features.

  • Yes, as sad as it is.

    I'd first correct you. A phobia has nothing to do with hate, only fear.

    Now, I continue. I've interacted to a great many conservatives and can vouch that islamaphobia is very common. It's also common among Liberals who grew up in rural regions. Perhaps it' mostly a rural thing, from Christian towns, and not related to political alignment. Either way, it's very common among Conservatives.

    While, despite what the media says, Conservatives are very black-friendly and female-friendly... But it's true that many are very hateful towards Muslims. As sad as it is.

  • Might as well be launching the Ninth Crusade

    It's already been thirteen years since the tragedy and trauma of the 9/11 Attacks, but Islamophobia (or what is referred to as such) is still deeply rooted in American society and American consciousness. We're still seeing incidents of religiously-motivated (and, by extension, racially-motivated) violence, slander, and prejudice against a third of the human population. The vehemence of the "Ground Zero Mosque" protests and stunts such as Pastor Terry Jones' "Burn-a-Quran Day" only prove these assertions. While this phenomenon of hate has visibly subsided since 2001, it is still alive and well among certain elements of our society.

  • I would say so.

    Many Americans have a great fear of Muslims, which is such a tragedy. The reason for this being that many Americans generalize Muslims as people who hate women and anyone of another faith. Americans fear another terrorist attack, forgetting that those terrorists were Muslim extremists and should not be a representation of the Islamic faith as a whole. Along with the fear, there is prejudice. The root of the problem is Americans being uninformed about the Islamic faith. They see women in hijabs as being oppressed by their culture, when in all actuality the majority of these women love their faith and wear the hijab not for the sake of others, but because they have a deep internal desire to please God by presenting themselves in a very modest way.

    The Islamic faith and culture is so beautiful and it is such a shame that many Americans can't see that. Instead we have people who say awful things such as calling Islam a "backwards, Medieval religion".

  • No absolutely not.

    First of all there is no such thing as Islamaphobia. Islamaphobia is a made up dishonest word used by the multicultural left to attack people who have a healthy suspicion about a religious philosophy that advocates the slavery of women and the destruction of everything the civilized world stands for. Having said that there are Muslims who do not subscribe to those particular Islamic values and who wish to spark a reformation within their faith but the problem is that those people cannot speak openly without fear of having their lives threatened. Everyone should be afraid of a backwards, medieval religion like Islam. Islam is and always will be a 9th Century Religion in a 21rst Century world and it will never change unless there is a reformation which most likely will never happen. Say what you like about Judaism and Christianity but at least followers of those faiths don't commit acts like 9-11 or publicly execute homosexuals or force women to wear burqas.

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