• Yes, Islamophobia is prevalent in the United States

    Not long ago a television show featuring a Muslim community in the US aired and people flipped out. There were calls for Lowes to pull advertising during the show and threats to protest the business and as a result the company did withdraw advertising. Another example of Islamophobia was the attack by a gunman on a Shiek temple which he attacked mistakenly thinking they were Muslim.

  • Yes, it definitely is.

    The vast majority of United States citizens are very uneducated about Islam and Muslims. More or less all they know is what they hear in the media, most of which is sensationalism. With such a lack of education, bigotry against Muslims and Islam runs rampant in many circles and does not seem to be going anywhere.

  • Not a lot of education

    I think that Islamophobia is prevalent in the United States primarily because of propaganda and no real education about the religion. Our students are never taught about multiple religions so they rely on what they know from media sources, which some of them can be fair but others are not.

  • Yes, you can tell by the news stories every day.

    Yes, I believe Islamophobia is very prevalent in the United States. I believe Muslims are now victims of racism based only on the fact that they are Muslim. Unfortunately, I believe Islamophobia in this country has become prevalent due to terrorist acts such as 911 and the Boston marathon. I believe it is human nature to condemn the entire race for these atrocities.

  • The war on Iraq

    Yes, I think that across the US there is a general fear when a person who practices Islam is seen. They are automatically labeled as terrorists on site, and the people who see them judge them and think they are nothing but haters of America, who want to hurt us all.

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