• Yes, because Zionism is racism.

    Israel is a Jewish nation, and it was founded for Jewish people, disregarding the existence of the Palestinian Arabs. The Palestinians were the majority of Palestine when the United Nations decided to partition Palestine giving 55% of the land to Jews while the Arabs were to receive 45%. Why did the minority deserve more land? I suppose they were considered racially superior or something. Israel certainly behaves that way, continuously degrading the Palestinians, murdering them, and depriving them of their rights.

  • Yes Israel is an partheid state

    Israel doesn't give Arabs the same rights. They treat Palestinians like dirt the most. AND THEY WANT TO ATTACK IRAN WHICH THE WAR WOULD COST MANY LIVES! I know that Iran never attacked, but Iran has been giving money to terreosts so it might be possible that it is harboring nuclear weapons. Also, it has spied on it's neighbors and Israel SIPIED ON IT'S ALLIES!! That's 10000x worse then spieing on your enemies.

  • Yes

    An apartheid state is typically defined as a state that maintains racial discrimination, such as immigration quotas based on race or segregation. Since Israel limits citizenship to only those of Jewish ancestry, then yes it is an apartheid state. Until Israel stops discriminating based on race, it should be labeled as racist.

  • To a degree, Israel practices apartheid.

    If the term is translated literally as 'apart-ness', or the state of being apart, then it could certainly be argued that Israel practices apartheid between Jewish and Arab populations, particularly in Jerusalem and the West Bank. To say Israel practices apartheid in a historical South African sense is a bit more difficult however, as there are many historical and regional differences between the two.

  • Israel is not an apartheid state.

    The apartheid was the racial segregation between the white and blacks in South Africa. Israel is not an apartheid state because ARABS LIVE IN ISRAEL. However, the IDF checkpoints and security wall in the Palestinian territories were 100% necessary precautions to keep Israeli citizens safe. Without these precautions, who knows how many more Palestinians would get away with terrorism in Israel? Essentially, the Palestinians do not want to coexist with Israel. They don't even want to acknowledge Israel as a state. Thus, they are actually separating themselves.

  • No its not.

    Israel had no choice but to build a security fence and create road blocks in Palestinian territories. This was because Israel cannot risk another Palestinian terror attack in Israel. Ever since the fence and road blocks have been put into place, terrorism dramatically dropped, since Palestinian's have less access into the Israeli territories. The main point is, Palestinian people hate Israel's existence and don't want to recognize Israel as a state. They are trying to wipe so called "Israel" off the map and get rid of all the Jewish people. If there weren't security fences or road blocks for Palistinian's, who knows how many more Palestinian terrorists would have killed Israelis in Israel.

  • No. They're not.

    To compare Israel's current policies to that of the Apartheid in South Africa is completely false. Israel is not an apartheid state. The Palestinian people want to have their own land, which is why they separated themselves. They separated themselves because they don't want to be under an Israeli government... They want to be under their own. And maybe this wouldn't be such an issue if Palestinians were taught peace. Instead, children in Palestine are taught to become terrorists. They look up to terrorists and say, "I want to be like them when I grow up". Watch any YouTube video about Palestinian children and the education they receive. Children aren't only learning this from their parents, but also in school. This is wrong. Terrorism is not moral. Israel is just trying to protect it's civilians from terror. It's Israel's goal to protect their people. It's a Palestinian's goal to wipe Israel off the map. Israel is not an apartheid state. The Gaza and West Bank would be, if they were a state. See the difference?

  • Stating that Israel is an apartheid state is injustice to the Blacks who had to live through the real apartheid in South Africa.

    In South Africa, separation between the blacks and whites was an ideological IDEAL. Policies were purposefully put in place to strip away the rights of Black people, just because of the colour of their skin! However, in Israel, separation between the Arabs and Israeli's was not AND is not the IDEAL. Separation was never something that Israel wanted. Israel is a democratic state that values equality between all races, gender and religions. However, after the countless innocent Israeli citizens that had to die due to Palestinian terrorism, Israel was left no choice but to protect their mass population. They had to put something in place in order to protect their people. Also, the black people in South Africa didn't have the same rights as the whites did. Non-whites had separate amenities such as beaches, buses, schools, benches, drinking fountains, restrooms. But in Israel, Arabs are not stripped away from their rights. Arabs attend Israeli Universities, receiving the exact same education as Israelis. Arabs ride the same public transportation as the Israeli's, and shop in the same supermarkets side-by-side. In the South African apartheid, Non-whites were prohibited from running businesses or professional practices in white areas without permits. But in Israel, Arabs are given the exact same rights as Israelis. In the REAL apartheid, black people could not vote or become citizens. In Israel, Arabs have equal voting rights & equal say in government. There are many Arabs working for the Israeli government. Thus, saying Israel is an apartheid state is an injustice to those who had to live through the real horrors of the South African apartheid. The way Arabs are treated in Israel is nothing like the way the Whites treated the Blacks.

  • No, its not.

    No, it is not, yes it has treated the Arabs a bit differently, but for the safety of the majority of its people it is necessary to take precautions given that I imagine many of the Arabs would like to see Israel disappear, if you think about it its no different to what we Brits do by screening middle eastern looking people. It's necessary seeing as most of the terrorists in today's world are Muslims and come from the Arab/Persian areas, it might not be right, but its not wrong either, its just fact, and it is also face that in Israel,as in the UK, any law abiding citizen whether he be white or Indian/Pakistani, has nothing to fear from the government, unless of course they are terrorists. Therefore no, not apartheid, South Africa was different because it degraded Blacks based on skin color and denied them basic rights. Israel does not do this.

  • No.

    Israel is not an apartheid. Israel does have the people partitioned to an extent, but it is for both the safety of the Palestinians and the Israelis. Without it, violence would be escalated to a ridiculous form, and the maintenance of relative peace is much more important than allowing people to live wherever they want.

  • Apartheid defined

    First of all, Apartheid means to systematically oppress a people in order to maintain a regime. Israel is not a regime. Historically, the battle between Israel and most other Arab nations has been going on for thousands of years. This is nothing new. It has never been about maintaining a regime and oppression but more about surviving in a difficult area that has been so dominated by war that the nations and people think differently then western society.

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