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  • Both are barbarous.

    Both Israel and Hitler have been extremely barbarous. Both have committed atrocious acts. I do not think it is a matter of who is more barbarous, but rather an acknowledgement of just how barbarous committing so many hateful crimes truly is. Any acts committed with a heart of hate and the intent of causing suffering are simply barbarous; there is no need to quality to what degree this barbarism is.

  • No, Israel is not more barbarous than Hitler, who was exceedingly brutal.

    There can be no comparison to Hitler and Israel. Hitler ordered the killing of 11 million people, including women and children. Something as horrifying as that cannot ever be compared, and hopefully it remains that way forever. Israel is merely a victim of fighting for sovereignty over Jerusalem. Since its independence, Israel has been in a war over its right to exist and that in no way whatsoever bears any comparison to the destruction and despicable actions caused by Hitler.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    For Israel, there is nothing to say to feel justified despite Hamas. When I look at the situation in perspective, I just see the one thing: unfairness. Starting with the foundation of Israel, there is not only inequity but also remorselessness . When WWII was ended, Jews earned sympathy from all around the world. They believe that a certain place in the world is their own promises land. It is totally fantastic and incomprehensible idea so that the foundation of Israel is based on racism, invasion and gathering all the Jews around the world (especially from Russia) in order to found a country just like a colony. Israel occupied Palestinian lands and they never hesitate in accordance with their vested interest idea. All in all, anti-semitism is not acceptable for sure and I cannot say all Jews are bad but this is another issue. Beside I cannot say Hamas is acceptable too but Israel is the most guilty one using Hamas as an excuse.

  • They just want to live in peace.

    Israel is constantly attacked from all side. Israel just wants a place that it can live in peace without being constantly attacked and murdered by the rest of the world. There are so many countries and peoples in the world that will not stop until Israel no longer exists. They are only defending themselves and that is just.

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