• Yes, we will regret it some day.

    Yes, I think it is an extremely bad idea for our cities and states to become more privatized. It has been several years since we first started privatizing some of our toll roads. Now we have privatized many of our local government functions all the way down to our parking meters. The only result the public has seen is that service has gotten much worse and no one seems to be accountable.

  • Privatization Is Bad

    I believe it is a bad deal for cities and states to become more privatized. Private businesses seek profit without the concern of their customers or their employees. I believe privatization should be avoided, especially in fields that could lead to moral and ethical problems. The health care industry is a prime example of an industry that should not be privatized, but is.

  • It isn't a bad deal for cities and states to be more privatized.

    There is no real reason why cities and states in the United States should be denied the right to privatize themselves. Each state in the Union has a degree of autonomy to them, and often states will focus on statewide issues before dwelling on problems the Union as a whole have. If privatizing the state or cities in the states is to the benefit to the citizens of said states or cities as a whole then technically it is possible, and not a breech to their commitment to the Union.

    As long as the Union still received taxes then states and cities should, and could be able to privatize themselves.

  • Saves money in the end.

    No, it is not a bad idea for cities and states to become more privatized, because in the end it is a good way for the localities to provide better service at a lower price. The cities and states can save money on paying benefits because they do not have to hire employees.

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