Is it a bad idea to debut "Crouching Tiger" on Netflix and in theaters simultaneously?

  • yes it is

    No one is going to go watch the move if it's available on both Netflix and in the theaters. I think more people will stay at home and watch the movie than go to the theater because the theater is ridiculously expensive. I wonder how they are doing this though, if you pay to watch the movie on Netflix?

  • Why Would I Pay Theaters

    Let's be honest. Most of us aren't rich and we aren't going to pay a theater to see a film if we can watch it at home for next to nothing. I love watching movies in theaters but I abhor the cost. I wouldn't pay to see a film that is already on Netflix unless it was at a dramatically reduce rate. So, yes, in my opinion that would be a mistake.

  • A new cornerstone for movie business.

    Crouching Tiger's debut on Netflix and theaters simultaneously will excite all the movie business analyst as well as the movie fans. It provides Netflix to enhance it's overgrowing popularity as well as allows the movie lover with an option to watch it sittting at the home, cooking their own food as well as serving their own drinks.

  • The Crouching Tiger sequel will be a hit.

    Netflix recently announced it will release the sequel to Crouch Tiger, Hidden Dragon simultaneously in IMAX theaters and on Netflix streaming. The basic novelty of this release model virtually assures Netflix of a hit. One way or another, everyone will want to see this film so there's no doubt that Netflix will be raking in the dough.

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