• Seriously?

    Is it a bad idea? If you are broke, is it a bad idea to go out and buy a brand new Dodge Charger for every member of your family? Some things are just common sense, and I'm afraid that the majority of our country has loss that now rare sense of thinking. Of course it is a terrible idea, spending more money isn't going to get you out of $16 trillion in debt. It's like being stuck in a hole, so you decide to dig down to get out. Spending more money and raising the debt ceiling is not the answer.

  • When Will It End?

    People say "it's nothing new." So what? Does that fly when a gambling addict takes out another loan saying "it's nothing new"? We can't just keep piling on debt, debt, and more debt. We need to pay it off and then we need to start actually saving some of money just in case we need it instead of spending it all right away.

  • Yes, it's bad

    The debt is getting completely out of control. A mild rise in interest rates would already have the US hard pressed just to meet little beyond interest obligations. A stand has to be taken somewhere. The ceiling needs to be left as it is to force the US Government to make the cuts that are needed. Otherwise, the government will go broke trying to meet obligations.

  • No, I see it like giving us a chance to dig ourselves out of a hole

    Yes, we are in a crisis, but it was just 15 years ago that we had a balanced budget. That tells me that we have the ability to get out of this, and we will. We have to give ourselves some wiggle room, though, and we have to be willing to keep our leaders honest about this, but if we do those things then I trust we can get ourselves out of this.

  • No, it is nothing new.

    It is not a bad idea to raise the debt ceiling. Raising the debt ceiling is nothing new, what is new is that it has become one of the newest political nitpicky things to focus on. Raising the debt ceiling has been done routinely, and is necessary in order for the economy to function.

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