• Are you serious about this debate?

    Would you like an item that you bought to be bendable when it's not made to bend? And to top that it doesn't bring any unforeseen benefits to the phone aside from it malfunctioning maybe.
    Asking this question is like asking "Is it a bad thing for a baseball bat to be bendable?"

  • phone bending is bad

    Yes it is most definitely a bad thing for a phone to be bendable. It should really not be able to bend because the claims have stated that after it has been bent when trying to put it back straight it has cracked the screen. It would not be safe to put in your pocket if it can bend.

  • If It's Not Designed To

    I personally wouldn't have a problem with a bendable phone but you better believe I would expect it to be designed that way. As for the Apple iPhone 6 and 6+, they were not designed to do this. In fact, the bending breaks them and there is nothing okay about that.

  • Yes it is!

    There are so many delicate little pieces that go into the making of a phone with the crazy technology that we have in it. Even if you barely bump those things you could easily destroy major functions in the phone. The fact that people are able to accidently bend them is ridiculous

  • A phone should not bend

    A phone should not bend. There is nothing useful in a hardware sense, about a phone being able to bend. This is just another waste of money and a ploy to get people to spend their money on the newest gadget or trend. I got a landlne installed in my house because I am tired of the cell phone hooey.

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