• You're born with a color

    Yes. It's o. K. To be any color. It's part of being a person. It's also o. K. To be ugly or tall or pretty or smart. It's all o. K.

    If a person says it's not o. K. To be a certain color, That person is, Categorically, A racist. This is what the KKK said during the dark days of Jim Crow. It's not O. K. To be black, Hence the laws segregating them.

    This saying was merely said to point out who the racists actually are. People who take issue with the color of your skin is a racist.

  • Study Medicine Albino or Vitiligo

    According to medicine, To be biologically white skinned is not good for health, Especially in relation to the sun. Most human beings labeled white are not white skinned. Albinos, True white people, Exist in every ethnic group, Including so called whites. Medical facts suggest literal white skin is a bad thing.

  • No, It's not!

    There is nothing wrong with being white, Because your ethnicity or color does not define you. It is rather your character, "the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. " Plus, It can be considered "racist" to say that it is a bad thing to be white. For you are discriminating against someone based on their skin color.

  • Of course not!

    Saying that being white is not okay just as bad as saying that being black makes you lower in society. Is it your fault if you were born with more or less pigment in your skin than another person? Scientifically, Race is really a matter of a few genes. Skin color is entirely due to pigmentation, As an adaptation to the sun. The reason that people from Africa are black is because it helped them deal with increased heat. So being white does not change anything.

  • No its not

    I honestly don't see a problem if your a white person saying, "I'm proud to be white", Or "I'm proud to be black", "I'm proud to be Mexican", "I'm proud to be Muslim", Race doesn't mean anything to me, We are all ONE. The reason the liberals want to say that you can't say you're proud to be white, Is because they want to find any reason to make us feel bad about ourselves.

  • This is just for laughs, This is just a politically incorrect joke.

    If anything you want to be white, Who wants to be anything else. Niggers Jews Arabs Mexicans Chinks, I hate 'em and they all stink. Kill them jungle bunnies, Woogie boogie Nigger, And stop playing that loud gangster rap music GAH DAMN!
    Sincerely your favorite blind black white supremacist Clayton Bigsby

  • No reverse discrimination

    And the story continues always hating will it ever end all the stupidity over color looks money brains class status in life your position in the hierarchy of life all are humans just different levels of serotonin biology depending on what part of the world your history evolved Africa Middle East western climates etc

  • You can't choose your birth color.

    When you are born, You are given a name a skin color and a family. What you choose to do with that is up to you. You could be a thug and smoke weed everyday, Or you can choose to better yourself and fight past the culture you were brought up in. Being white doesn't mean white privilege, Being black doesn't meant the cops will hunt you down and try to kill you. (If you are actually innocent. ) If you walk into a bank wearing all black and a hoodie and tattoos all over your face and hands then people are going to get worried. If you walk in and look presentable and don't cuss people out, No one will care what color you are. There will always be racism, I'm not denying that, But it's taught and can be untaught. It's up to us to live up to the stereotypes or deny them.

  • Heh. I get it.

    OKAY, Here's some context. At many universities around North America, People have been putting up posters claiming, "It's okay to be white". For some reason, This would trigger people, And the signs would be taken down with local newspapers saying things like "White supremacists littering campuses with racist slogans". White people put up these signs to show that there is, In fact, Racism towards white people, And alt-left people completely prove the white people's points by freaking out about people claiming it's okay to be white.

  • Is this a thing?

    People get so triggered at the mention of slavery or racism against people of different races. And it is true that whites did a lot of this but us in the present day do not have slaves or beat up people of different skin color. So yes, White people have hurt other people because of the color of their skin (which is a horrible thing to do) but that was our great-great-great grandparents that did that but we in the current day have done nothing to be ashamed of being white.

  • What why no no no no no no no

    If you believe that it isnt bad to be black and that it is not fair that you are rude to black people. Then how is it ok vise versa. We are 70% over rascism then why change it back over again. These things can effect us for over a century. Please stop

  • Why is it bad being white?

    A person should be defined as to what their characteristics are. Someone who is white can be one of the nicest guys/girls on this planet, But they should be discriminated by that because they're white. That's absurd and racist. No one should be discriminated by their race or their ethnicity.
    People who are racist should be taught a thing or two about being a respectful human being. No one should be dealing with such derogatory statements and/or actions from someone.
    At the end of the day, Whether you are white, Black, Asian, European, African, Or whatever ethnicity you derived from, Everyone should be treated equally.

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