• Definitely a Hazard and Distraction

    Hands-free is the only way to go. This only recently started to happen with my iPhone 6S...I just suddenly lost connectivity...No one on the other end could hear me but I could hear them. It's frustrating because using the speaker on the phone is not safe and using headphones is like going back to the dark ages. I hope Apple figures out how to fix this soon.

  • SO distracting and dangerous.

    I honestly try not to look at my phone while driving, depending on SIRI and Bluetooth has become habit and safe. I have never looked away from the road more than I did today since having connectivity issues. This feels like 6-8 years ago technology. Very frustrating and dangerous! FIX

  • Of course its a big deal. Its basic functionality folks!

    Its one of the nicest features in a car apart from it being a safety issue. Not having a functional blue tooth to connect to my car that worked well with iphone5 with IoS 8 is absolutely not acceptable. Its not the car - its not iOS8 (it worked with iphone 5), so it has to be the latest phone. In my humble opinion, this places Apple in the same league with other phone manufacturers that it tried hard to differentiate with.

  • It's a BIG DEAL

    I can't use my phone in my car. This does present problems because talking on the phone must be done handsfree in Santa Fe, NM. Apple states that they'll have an update around October 20. This really is not soon enough. This should have been tested and validated before the phone was released.

  • It's not all about making phone calls

    I use Bluetooth to connect to my hearing aids. It's not simply a matter of making a call but a quality of life issue of being able to hear. My hearing aids are made for iPhone but cannot connect. There are no buttons on the aids to manually adjust so I am unable to hear, something that everyone takes for granted. Come on Apple, fix this problem and show you truly care about your customers and not simply your stock prices and stockholders.

  • Dangerous and costly

    Didn't realize there was a problem because it worked for several days in both my Lexus and also in my Infiniti . Suddenly tonight it did not work and while driving I was trying to resolve (admittedly not smart) thinking it was a problem with my car. Fix it today!

  • A safety issue!

    Yes, it is a BIG deal that iPhone 6 has bluetooth problems. Many states, provinces, and cities have made it illegal to use a phone while driving unless it is handsfree. Some studies have shown that distracted driving is more dangerous than driving drunk. Apple might want to get off their backsides and fix this bug ASAP, or they may find themselves in a GM-like lawsuit situation.

  • 20 yr old feature should work

    Bluetooth is a well established standard that should be flawless in its inter-device operation. If apple is using newer Bluetooth technology without ensuring backwards capability then shame on them. If they botched the execution of a well established standard then they need to fix is ASAP. Apple makes high cost, high value products - simple mistakes are unacceptable. Either way - no excuse for this basic functionality not working.

  • Yes. It's a big deal.

    With more and more cities and states making it illegal with very heavy fines to talk on your phone in the car, it makes it very important to be able to use the bluetooth technology for people to avoid jail time and big fines. Even worse is the iPhone having these bluetooth problems is making people have to hold the phone to their ear while the drive potentially causing accidents. Yes, people can wait until they get to their destination but they won't.

  • Yes, car Bluetooth problems mean danger.

    It is a huge deal that the iPhone 6 has car Bluetooth problems. One of the best aspects of car bluetooth technology is that it allows the driver to use their phone without distracting themselves from the road. This means safer driving, which is better for everybody on the road. If the iPhone 6 has car Bluetooth problems then it puts all drivers at risk.

  • The iPhone 6 issues with Bluetooth connections is not a major issue.

    Apple's iPhone 6 bluetooth connection issues are limited to phone-car connections in some Acura, BMW, Honda (HMC), Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Toyota models. It's software issue and Apples is working the auto makers to isolate the cause and issue a software fix to resolve the problems. A similar issues occurred with the iPhone 3.

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