Is it a double standard when leaders in the United States and other Western countries criticize Russia regarding possible military action in Crimea?

Is it a double standard when leaders in the United States and other Western countries criticize Russia regarding possible military action in Crimea?
  • The US double standarts are everywhere!

    They consider themselves to be 'chosen people' to lead the world in all aspects of government, To control various leaders around the world. America sees itself as the dominant, World power and that no one - and no country - can exert regional dominance without its express permission. That's why I fully agree that all their policy is double-standards politicy which threaten world security

  • It sure is

    USA constantly invades other countries for their resources and support revolutions in the countries they don't like. All while using A LOT of lies and fabrications. Even if Putin's actions was wrong, USA have no right to judge him. Honestly, it's like a serial killer pretending to have higher moral ground over person who broke someone's arm.

  • How many countries did the USA invade and destroy?

    The United States openly supports rebels in Syria, when no American lives are in danger yet when Russia provides basic support to help the Russian being killed by Ukraine its a CRIME.......Double standard big time. This whole problem started with the United States not being able to have its way in Syria because Russia opposed it, so they decided well Russia needs to go, easiest way target Ukraine...Then demonise Putin. Everyone with a brain can see the United Sates always like to have its way and you better not stand up to them as they will BRAND you the worst dictator in the world.......Shameful to say the least the west is just like zombies, the government says something and everyone things its the TRUTH.......No evidence need, just take the USA word for it as they NEVER NEVER lie ever!

  • US criticism of Russia regarding military action is a double standard

    It is my opinion that when the leaders in the US and other Western countries criticize Russia regarding possible military action in Crimea that a double standard is in effect. The United States has invaded numerous countries, and often times these countries were less powerful and unable to put up a fair fight. Criticizing Russia for doing the same thing is definitely a double standard.

  • In the wake of Iraq, the US can't tell Russia they are wrong in Crimea

    It is extremely hypocritical for the west to criticize Russia for interfering in a smaller nation's government just to enhance regional stability which leads to economic gains. That is exactly the rhetoric used to get the ball rolling in Iraq. The west didn't like the government or how it was run, so they overthrew it, and replaced it with something more agreeable. Putin is doing the exact same thing.

  • It is not a double standard when the U.S. and other western countries criticize Russia's actions in Crimea

    The U.S. and other western nations invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, but these nations were harboring a harmful dictator and a terrorist organization. Russia has moved military troops into a soveriegn nation because it does not wish to lose a warm deepwater port, Sevastopol. Even though the Ukraine owns the Crimea region and it is a part of the Ukraine nation, Russia has moved in troops just so that they may keep a port.

  • It is not a double standard.

    There is a difference between what the United States does and what Russia does, espically in regards to Crimea. The United States will openly declare war, or use diplomatic methods rather than invade a country because it does something against their interests. The United States also leaves a country in the end, they do not want to own the country. Russia is behaving like Nazi Germany in regards to Ukraine and not like any modern Western Country.

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