• It is a good idea for Amazon to get into the movie business.

    Amazon has already ventured in the television business before therefore this field of work is not so new to them. They have also been awarded for their work in the same field. Considering this, the movie business may also be a success for the organisation therefore they should venture into it.

  • Extra jobs are good

    Extra jobs will have to be made for Amazon to go into the movie business.Extra jobs will help the government not have to pay people living off unemployment checks.This ultimately will help Amazon grow to create jobs for the people. They can definitely be as competitive as Netflix if they tried

  • Yes, Amazon should get into the movie business.

    I believe that Amazon should get into the movie business because it has had a high level of success producing its own television shows. Netflix has shown that there is a market for streaming-only sources of entertainment and Amazon definitely has the capital, both creative and monetary to embark on this challenge.

  • Yes, Amazon in the movie business

    Amazon is great at diversify its business line. If it continued to do the same function day in day out, it would eventually cease to be a viable retailer. If you use Virgin as an example of brand diversification, it is in just about every sector of the economy. Amazon should do the same.

  • Too much to Handle

    In my opinion, Amazon already has enough on its plate. With its retail sector booming, the Kindle, and its AmazonTV also booming, there is no need for further expansion into the movie business. They recently tried to enter the telecommunications market with the Amazon Fire phone which didn't yield much success. In industries like the phone industry and the movie industry, these are industries that are populated by big companies. There is no profit to be made as a smaller/new company entering these industries.

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