• McDonalds should shrink it's menu.

    McDonalds should shrink it's menu because they might be increasing too much calories . People should go to healthy restaurants or fast food restaurant especially a restaurant called Subway or something like that. The other restaurants have calories inside it including Burger King, Silver John, Apple Bees and Red Robin.

  • Yes, it is a good idea for McDonald's to shrink its menu.

    On one hand, having a large and diverse seems like a good corporate policy: consumers value choice, and so when choice is increased, so should consumer satisfaction. Yet at a point, too much choice becomes a bad thing; consumers become overwhelmed. Moreover, by cutting back on menu choices, McDonald's can also cut back on a lot of costs, in terms of the logistical expenses of keeping so many different types of foods in stock, and shrinkage from food that eventually goes bad.

  • Yes, it is a good idea that McDonalds shrink its menu.

    I support McDonalds decision to shrink its menu. Today everyone is concerned about eating healtier and living longer and if that means fast food companies like McDonalds doing some changes for better I say yes! I just hope that the prices will reflect the same, because some people depend on eating cheep meals at McDonalds.

  • Yes McDonalds needs to shrink its menu.

    It is an excellent idea for McDonalds to shrink its menu. Currently there are too many options for the same item. There does not need to be 7 different combinations of Quarter Pounder with cheese. There also are too many value meals, they can easily drop five of the 16 value meals and no one will notice.

  • Shrink what? Their menu? You mean, other than their fake meat?

    I mean, I hate Micky D's, not just because their food is awful, but because it literally disgusting. Going into a McDonald's is like going into a hospital. Wash hands going in, wear facial protection gear while inside, wash hands coming out, and a quarantine is issued for the entire county when you drop your happy meal on the concrete. If I want fast food, I get Wendy's at least, and higher quality than that if I can find it. I'd rather eat a $8.00 meal than $4.00 worth of plastic and insulation in a paper bag. Call me a death-a-phobic, but at least my arteries don't have little Ronald's running around in them like some sick snafu ):[

  • I don't think so

    McDonalds would have a better idea in regards to their menu success but they appear to be doing very well. I would actually like to see McDonalds continue to expand their menu and offer more vegan, gluten free, dairy free and even healthy options - if of course this is tangible. But no, unless sales are poor, I see no reason for McDonalds to shrink it's menu. That would put some people off.

  • McDonalds should continue to expand its business model.

    McDonalds provides cheap food very quickly and is such a valuable resource for people grabbing something to eat quickly as they go about their lives. Unfortunately, many of the items of McDonalds menu are not suitable for everybody and it would be beneficial if there was a menu expansion to cater for those with special dietary requirements, and those concerned about eating healthily.

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