Is it a good idea for South Korea to help to North Korea?

  • South must help

    It' a chance for the two countries to restart their bilateral talks on current issues; and if south will not pay China or Russia will do. It's better that north would depend on South Korea...
    Also Republic of Korea (south) claims that the whole Korean peninsula must be under it's control, so they are bound to help the north

  • South must help

    It' a chance for the two countries to restart their bilateral talks on current issues; and if south will not pay China or Russia will do. It's better that north would depend on South Korea...
    Also Republic of Korea (south) claims that the whole Korean peninsula must be under it's control, so they are bound to help the north

  • South must help

    It' a chance for the two countries to restart their bilateral talks on current issues; and if south will not pay China or Russia will do. It's better that north would depend on South Korea...
    Also Republic of Korea (south) claims that the whole Korean peninsula must be under it's control, so they are bound to help the north

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  • All the food and support that South Korea sends to North Korea gets used for military purposes..

    North Koreans, the normal citizens.. They did nothing wrong but follow the dictator in order to avoid execution and brutality. As a same human being, South Koreans have helped them for years, sending hundreds of thousands of kg of rice and food. However, this sympathy only backfired; the North Korean military took all the crops and the support towards military purposes like developing more threatening weapons.. South Korean support only put the world in more danger by directly supporting the regime. Thus, the South should not aid North.

  • South korea should help north korea!

    I live in South Korea and I really think that we should help North Korea whether it actually reaches them or not. After North Korea’s missile attacks and threats of nuclear weapons, the world, including South Korea have turned their backs on them. However, North Korea’s situation of poverty and lack of food is getting worse every year. Especially, this year, North Korea was met with a massive drought that even lacked to provide the soldiers with food. According to the Yonhap News, this year, only the U.N. and six countries — South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, France and Germany — supplied humanitarian aid to Pyongyang this year. Also, the U.S. recently announced that they have no intention to aid North Korea in any means. This is when North Korea needs the most aids they can get. But with less countries giving assistance, North Koreans will soon starve to death. South Korea should make this into a chance to impress on North Korea that they are very cooperative and helpful. South Korea’s consistent aid may open up North Korea’s mind and make a better relationship.

  • Yes, there is suffering in North Korea.

    Yes, it is a good idea for South Korea to help North Korea, because any aid that can be provided to North Korea and its people would be helpful. There is much sadness and suffering in North Korea. Anything that anyone can do to help the victims in North Korea is a worthwhile cause.

  • North Korea is done being played with

    North Korea in it's history has been a nations that's been destroyed and rebuilt under the leadership, not Stalin based dictatorship, of their Eternal President Kim Il-Sung. Both Koreas are essentially nothing without foreign assistance. So at one point North Korea had PRC (Peoples Republic of China) and the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) aiding them and when the USSR fell because of the US vs. USSR arms race the North Korean government lost an important ally. Skip 3 years later Kim Il-Sung dies and leaves his 52-year-old son Kim Jong-Il to run the country after much preparation. Now Kim Jong-Il wasn't a overweight mentally disturbed man that is praised as Jesus Christ. He for a reason became paranoid and started the policy of Songun which drained a lot of resources to strengthen the military and in the later 90's floods destroyed large portions of their farmland , which was in small supply since they're next to northern China which lead to the Korean famine which resulted in mass amounts of death. Then when they ask for foreign aid other nations decide to impose sanctions on their nuclear advancements. These sanctions cut off valuable food for the people whom the DPRK cannot provide for and we hope that it'll change their ideas to arm themselves. They know full well we haven't ridden ourselves of nuclear weapons (U.S.) and won't be swayed. Then when it turned into a "you only get food if your disarm" game Kim Jong-Il reportedly threatened the world , not as a plea for attention, but as a warning. He also believed that if people or foreign interest were allowed in North Korea they'd become weak. Skip ahead to his death in 2011 (which was disrespectfully received with praise) and his 28 year old son Kim Jong-Un steps in somewhat low in experience now is being forced to reply with warfare after their latest sanction for nuclear testing and the U.S. Sending bombers to South Korea to provoke them even more. At this point their propaganda (not everything in North Korea is scripted propaganda with a gun pointed at them) is turning true (a rare case of such). I say if the U.S. Backed out and let the two Koreas slowly relate without it being ruined then maybe one day there will be a reunited Korea with two different government systems (since at this point in time it's impossible for one absolute system to run Korea as a whole) without needless provocation.

  • help them!

    It is a human’s rights issue
    My first reason is that North Koreans are also humans like us, and they should be respected. And my second reason is that North Korea is in the most desirable, catastrophic situation. Moving onto my first reason, moving back to history, long ago, North Koreans, and us, South Koreans all start from one ancestor. People living above us on the North, who actually to say, have some kind of similarities with our blood are dying. Not from illness, no. But from starvation and drowning. As Koreans same with them who share a same history, I believe that we should help them. Since, yes, they are part of us, but also they are humans. The lives of humans are precious, and they could not be returned. Those precious lives are being lost. By same Koreans, or same humans, I believe it is a common sense to help them. It is like rich people helping the poor. The developed country helping a developing country. “Humanism”. There is a certain responsibility for us, humans, to help the people who are dying.
    Yes, it is a common sense to help them, and we should, but North Korea is also in the most desirable, catastrophic situation ever. UN agencies estimated in November after a visit to the North that three million people would need food aid in 2012. David Austin, the North Korea program director for Mercy Corps, said that an administrator at an orphanage had told him that the children at his facility were receiving 60 percent of their normal rations, and had not eaten any protein in two months. Nearly a third of children under age 5 show signs of stunting, particularly in rural areas where food is scarce, and diseases due to a lack of clean water, sanitation and electricity has become the leading cause of death among children, the agency said. Hospitals are spotless but bare; few have running water or power, and drugs and medicine are in short supply, the agency said in a detailed update on the humanitarian situation in North Korea."I've seen babies ... who should have been sitting up who were not sitting up, and can hardly hold a baby bottle," Jerome Sauvage, the U.N.'s Pyongyang-based resident co-ordinator for North Korea, said in Beijing before presenting the report to donors.
    In our recent social studies poster, the topic of the project is to help the poor, in other words, help the poor get rich. Then why not help the North Koreans, in other words, help them come over the catastrophe? Are they not as important as the poor? Yes, they have shot missiles at us, a few times, but does that mean just leave them to die? It is true that they should also feel sorry to us, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need to help North Koreans.
    This could be a turning point to North Korea
    After the cheon-an-ahm and yeon-peong-do event, there is an unwanted silence between North Korea and South Korea. This even brought the thought of World War 3 that will be fought by nuclear weapons. Not only these, North Korea’s bad image of communism has stopped them from relating with foreign countries. More overall, these tests with nuclear weapons have an image of sanction on North Korea. This is why many countries are refusing to send aid to North Korea, since they are untrustable. However, sending aid to North Korea on their most desirable situation could not only be a turning point to the world, but to the relationship between South Korea.
    First of all, sending aids to North Korea could be a turning point to the world. Not only South Korea, but many countries, such as the U.S., European Union, China, and Japan, is willing to send aid to North Korea. However, nuclear testing and communism has stopped them recently. However, such as how the U.S. is doing, they are putting pressure on North Korea until they promise to stop nuclear testing and for a reward, send them aid. Countries, most of all including South Korea, are fearing these nuclear testing from North Korea, since they are mostly missile tests, and they bring the thought of World War 3. However, by sending aids to North Korea, and getting a promise from them, could not only save the North Koreans from the floods, but also save the people of the world from the fear of North Korea.
    Not only it could be a benefit to the world, it could also become a turning point to develop the relationship between North Korea and South Korea. The hatrism and the thought of unification have been going to years. North Korea is already willing to accept aid from South Korea, and it is our turn to step into this contract. For our brave soldiers who died during the missile attacks from North Korea, their death will not be forgotten by North Korea becoming thankful, and South Korea willing to help, a sign of unification. By this chance, by just helping them, and giving them aid, the long line of hatrism would become an end. North Korea has already laid out their hand. And it is us, South Korea’s turn to take that hand.

  • Yes, it is a good idea for South Korea to offer help to North Korea, because it is imperative that, one day, they fix their broken bond, before an all-out war ensues.

    If both North and South Korea don't make attempts to fix their broken bond, then, one day, it will only result in another war. While things are not as bad between the two countries, there should be attempts at making peace and even friendship between the two rivals. Otherwise, it is evident and clear what will happen again.

    Posted by: ToyMatt
  • North Korea will just trick South Korea into unifying into a Communist republic.

    No one in South Korea wants the North Korean communist ideology to brainwash them. Their big brother, the United States of America, and its allies must co-operate with the South, and launch a combined invasion. Also, as the above comment mentions it will only help their corrupt government, and their so-called "Juche" system. Diplomacy will only spur them on - no doubt about it.

  • South Korea should not support North Korea financially.

    It is unreliable that North Korea uses food aid - or financial aid correctly. Most peopel think that North Korea spend money for improve their weapon like missile system. On top of that, supporting North Korea financially is not effective. South Korea already fail to build Gyeongui Line. NK adjure continuesly.

  • By Always Being Nice, and Diplomatic You always end up being Stepped on.

    Now NK threatens to use nuclear weapons on any country that does not provide them with food or economic support. Even though they get billions of dollars in support the people are suffering, hence, if food or other economic is not provided the people will keep on suffering but for a less time since there would be an uprising of the people as what happened in other countries.

  • North Korea has always been the "bad" guy

    I am Asian, and i'm proud of it. I cheer for South Korea because they didn't want to start an war. As for the North Koreans, Kim Jong Un (The Present) has always wanted to take over South Korea. I think the North Koreans should not be helped by the South Koreans because they have never went along together and right after they help each other, war happens

  • I don't think so

    I honestly don't know whether if South Koreans should help North Koreans. I mean South Korea has done many things to I guess help the North Koreans however some of them accept but some of them refuse. One way South Koreans has I guess helped the North Koreans is that they sent these balloons with bibles attached to them and they also sent the movie 'The Interview". I think South Koreans are trying to help the North Koreans. I saw this video and everyone in that video that spoke except for the narrator they said that they love the past presidents and the current presidents, so I think we (as in everyone) should help the lower class North Koreans and send them off to South Korea or America. However for the people that want to stay let them stay and live their lives captivated in North Korea. We shouldn't force them to come be free. Also many missionaries have traveled to North Korea about god sending them more bibles and praying with them privately. But even if South Korea tried to help and create a bond with North Korea I don't think that's goanna work I mean its obvious that the North Korean leader doesn't want to free the people in North Korea if he wanted to then he would've done that long time ago. However some managed to escape to America.

  • I'm not very sure.

    I live in south Korea and I think it is not so good to be together or help North. Because I think North will lose in a year if South don't help North. But the president is bad not the poor people in North. In conclusin in my opinion, I think just leave North without help will easy to become together in one land. Then we could help poor Nirth people.

  • There is no reason

    North Korea is not only still at war with South Korea, but is also classified as a rogue nation, has refused most help from outside governments, and is growing increasingly hostile to their southern neighbors and the western civilization with each passing year. Just a few years back North Korea sunk a South Korean naval ship and killed several dozen sailors. Although I think it would be nice to help out such a garbage can of a country, they refuse to be cleaned up, and therefore, deserve NO help at all from their southern neighbors.

  • North Korea is still at war with South Korea. There is no logical reason to help them.

    North Korea is only ever going to "unite" with them on their own terms, or in extreme desperation. Nothing more or less. Singing Kumbaiya with them isn't gonna help. If nothing, it will add continuity to the current regime.

  • North Korea is an ongoing threat to South Korea, and this will not change with South Korea helping them.

    North Korea is a dictatorship, run by a very hard-line leader. They have a long history of accepting aid, but then continuing to be belligerent and hostile to South Korea. There is nothing for South Korea to gain by helping their northern neighbors. They will only be strengthening an entrenched enemy.

    Posted by: P4cBran
  • South Korea should not help North Korea, because any help will only benefit the North's maniacal leaders and their military.

    Normally, a country should always help its neighbors out of good will and to secure good relations. In the case of North Korea, however, it is controlled by a small group of tyrants who hate South Korea and use whatever resources available only to benefit themselves, and not the people. Giving North Korea help would only help the corrupt North Korean leaders, not the people.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93

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