• Good Idea Twitter

    I personally think it would be a great idea for Twitter to redesign their website the reason being is because it would bring a new thought as well as idea. I personally think that it would great idea for Twitter to redesign their website the reason being is because it can make them gain more people.

  • They need to stay fresh.

    Yes, it is a good idea for Twitter to redesign their website, because they do not want to lose any grounds towards Facebook. Websites from 15 years ago look very old if they are not updated. Twitter was overdue for an update. It is a good thing that Twitter is getting a makeover, before it becomes an old website.

  • No, Twitter should not redesign their website.

    Twitter should not redesign their website unless it's necessary. Companies that drastically change their website interface run the risk of losing users and attracting new ones. It really depends on how it's being handled and if a website redesign is necessary. If Twitter doesn't have any major problem, they should not change their website.

  • Twitter should stay twitter.

    The latest expansion on profiles and the inclusion of photos or short movie clips within twitter is steering it away from what made the service so sought after. The idea that you only get so long to convey a message was perfect for the ADHD society. Get your news in quick snippets that can be caught in a glance while waiting in stalled traffic. Expanding the site to mimic Facebook is an incorrect venture. Stick to what made you popular twitter.

  • Twitter is What it is

    Twitter will gain nothing through website design. If anything, this will further alienate and frustrate current users. Social media is fickle, and no site is truly going to withstand the test of time. If Twitter's golden age is over, then those behind the scenes can get busy designing new social media, not revamping existing sites.

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