• So many people.

    With so many people in India, investing in the aviation sector is a good idea. This is a largely untapped market. These people would like to travel inexpensively to visit relatives. India is also a center of tech activity. There is good opportunity for development and also to create new goods and services for the Indian people.

  • Now it the time to invest in India's brugeoning aviation sector.

    India has been leading the charge in regards to aviation technology and advancements over the last two decades and is hitting its zenith. Since the launch of several successful space missions and the development of new technologies for aircraft for military and commercial use, investing in India's aviation sector is a shrewd and sound financial decision.

  • Why would we do that?

    No! We don't invest enough in our own country! We have cut so many things out here and there it is ridiculous! I think that is just a slap in the face to the Americans who have had to suffer major budget cuts and funding drops, especially to our soldiers.

  • No, invest in India's aviation sector

    Unfortunately, even with over one billion people in India the economy is so fragmented and at times backwards. Unless business practices are more transparent, it would be a big risk to invest in aviation in India. India is not about to be come a flight hub with Dubai and Abu Dhabi near by, thus the only winners would be those aviation companies which have a direct tie up to main arterial routes.

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