• Yes it is

    Planet Fitness isn't going anywhere anytime some. People love to work out. It's not just a trend but a healthy life choice. It makes you feel better and keeps you younger. Planet Fitness is a wonderful investment to make, not only for the money but for one's overall healthy body. CH

  • Yes, the concept of Planet Fitness is worth investing in.

    Investing in Planet Fitness when they go public is an excellent idea. The concept of a low cost, no hassles gym appeals to the majority of potential clients for Plant Fitness's' services. Driven by a need to get healthy, America's population is going to be a huge market, and a profitable one.

  • Yes, Planet Fitness is a smart investment

    Yes, I do think that Planet Fitness will be a smart investment once it goes public. I think Planet Fitness is a terrible gym -- even a morally questionable one -- that actively encourages its measures to stay overweight, to not show up and to not work out effectively when they do. But that all makes the gym a huge moneymaker.

  • Yes, it is a Good Idea to Invest at Planet Fitness

    Planet Fitness is a firm which has more than 900 branches throughout America and it is providing gym facilities to its customers for as low as $10 a month which is extremely reasonable. Because of this, it will attract a lot of people hence, resulting in increased profits and lesser risk.

  • Investing in Planet Fitness is a losing bet.

    Gym franchise chain Planet Fitness is set to go public with an initial IPO. This is a losing bet for those seeking new investments as gyms in general are as risky as restaurants and are not a secure place to plant your money. Planet Fitness will open string but within a very short time will drop to unexpected lows.

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