• The study of speech.

    Yes, it is a good idea to study Latin and Greek, because they are the roots of all other languages. If a person knows Latin and Greek, they can appreciate English better. It also makes it much easier for a person to learn and appreciate learning a second modern language, like Spanish.

  • Yes it is a good idea

    It is a good idea because you can communicate with other people that is greek and latin.Also lots of English words have a greek or latin meanings in them. You can also decode what greek and latin people write and if you move there you can talk to your neighbor.

  • Many english words are based on Latin and Greek words

    Yes, I believe that it is still a good idea to study Latin and Greek. If you look at the basis of many of the words in the English language, they have some tie into Latin and Greek. Besides studying Latin and Greek can enhance the cultural awareness and the mind in young people.

  • Yes, you should study Latin and Greek.

    Yes, I believe that it is nothing but beneficial to study another language. It doesn't have to be Greek or Latin, any language would be great to learn. In my opinion studying these languages would give you a heads up in the world today. There are not many people who speak either language, but both form the base for many other languages. You would meet many interesting people and expand your mind.

  • Yes, it is a good idea to study Latin and Greek.

    The argument should be prefaced that it is a good idea to study Latin and Greek, but not to the exclusion of studying other languages. Latin and Greek are the foundation of many of the words we use today. Knowing Latin and Greek root words can often help you puzzle out the definition of an unfamiliar word. Even so, you should also learn other languages that are more useful in the modern world.

  • If you want to learn latin or ancient greek start with the more useful equivalents

    I find it very annoying when someone says they know Greek and then try to talk to them but then they simply say they studied classical greek as it was more useful. Learn ancient greek if you must but don't call it greek. Ancient Greek will never allow you to communicate with people in Greece, Cyprus and southern Albania. Something I also find quite annoying about the study of ancient greek is that it only focuses on Greece's ancient history when greece has much more history and culture to it than the peloponnesian wars. The study of Latin is the same because you wont be able to speak latin to italians. Italy also has a very interesting history (Renaissance etc.) that isn't simply the romans. In conclusion if someone must learn ancient Greek or Latin they should at first inform themselves of the modern culture and language

  • Learn English better!

    How can people support the learning of languages such as Greek and Latin when the average standard of literacy skills is dropping, you would not tell a five year old child to learn Spanish before they were competent with their native tongue, thus it is necessary to ensure a good standard of English as a foundation before moving on further. I would like to also add that perhaps more practical subjects should be preferred e.g. economics or politics, rather than wasting our time on something less applicable, Greek and Latin could be left for personal study.

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