• Christian Jewish Muslim.

    Christians and Jewish people are at WAR with Muslim people. The Muslims hate both Christian and Jewish people. If Israel uses it's NUKES on any Muslim target, The Muslims will bomb Europe and America. We are living in a dangerous time. There are 8 billion people on Earth. Hindu Muslim Christian Asian African and Other. All groups have big egos and it leads to war.

    Think about the 50 billion chickens that killed each year for human consumption? Think about the 1 trillion fish that killed each year for human consumption? Think about when the animals attack and release VIRUS to kill the human species?

  • Yes it is, and unlike most of the YES commenters over here, it's not only about shared values

    I take shared interests and values for granted in this case, what's more important is that USA & Israel have a unique economic relationship, Israelis have invested over 57 billion dollars in US companies and have created over 200,000 jobs in the USA for the last 10 years, and Israel & USA have many trade deals and Joint projects and Co-ops and much more and thank you and good night :) lots of ands

  • Yes it is

    1) Look, for sure the status of the West Bank and Gaza are murky. But the right to vote within Israel is guaranteed to every Israelis. The rest are under Palestinian administration. It is a democracy, the vote is open to everyone. Muslim Arabs makeup 20% of the Israeli population and they don't want to leave, even though it is a jewish state. This is because it is a modern society that does deeply respect religious rights. The Israeli arab population is more succesful and free than most if not all of their peers in the region.

    2)That is true, the US considers Israeli help a liability, well just one specific kind of help.. Overt help. For the US, Israel is like a training base and a pit stop for the military when operating in the region. It is also a tremendous source of information and human resources located in the region (i.E spies). Don't think that because you don't see israeli planes next to US ones or don't hear about how many tanks they're sending there and there that this is all. There is more going on.

    3)Well that's if you believe that Silicon Valley has not provided anything of value to America and the world. Israel is a worldwide center of constant high-tech innovation. Great American companies have benefited greatly by investing in development centers in the country, Intel is a great example. No doubt, Israel has benefited from generous US financial help for decades but this is a two-way street.

    4)Let's go back to why the US doesn't want overt Israeli help. It is because of anti-israeli fever in the middle east for which a part may be attributable to honest policy different with Israeli government policy. But most, if not almost all of this fever is based and anti-semitism and a refusal to acknowledge and accept the existence of Israel as a country in any form.

    5)Since its beginnings as a recognized country in 1948, Israel has consistently sought out peace with its neghbors. They were attacked twice, in 1948 and 1967. After the trouncing of 1967, they embarked on a land for peace which in retrospect which was rejected directly and then got attacked again in 1973. Most Israelis want nothing more than getting rid of the West Bank (Gaza is no longer under Israeli control) but the settlements complicate everything and this right-wing israeli government isn't ready to let go of them. But that's kind of their business anyway and should not factor in our alliance. Their "bad image" is much more a consequence of prejudice towards them than of their own actions.

  • Yes, it is.

    1) Israel is the only true modern, western liberal democracy in the middle east with values and ideals that almost mirror our own.

    2) Even when things get a bit dicey between American and Israeli politicians, the Israelis remain loyal and trustworthy. They need us as allies.

    3) Israel contributes back. The Israelis have contributed so much good to America and the rest of the world throughout the years. From educators and innovators, to Nobel laureates and doctors. Their inventions save lives and make our country and the world a better place.

    4) Israel is a strategically important ally, especially in the post-9/11 world. The Israeli people identify more with Americans and Europeans than they do with their Arab neighbors.

    5) Israel is only nation in the middle east that proactively tries to broker peace with its neighbors. They are not always successful, but if you go to Israel you will notice that Israeli children are brought up to love, cherish and desire peace. If there comes a day when the two state solution is realized, you will have Israel and America to thank for that, not the Palestinians or the other Arab nations.

    6) If America ever found itself on the brink of destruction, Israel would come to our defense in a heartbeat.

    There are countless other reasons for supporting Israel. If you have the time and the $, I would strongly suggest you go visit Israel and see for yourself. The negative picture that the left-leaning media paints of Israel is absurdly unfair to the people of Israel and contradicts the reality on the ground. Israel is by no means perfect, neither is America, but both of our countries do make the world a better place at the end of the day.

  • Definitely. They are good allies.

    Well, one thing is that hey have the finest air force in the world. Their pilots are the best, hands down. They are also at a crucial part in the middle east. They are also among one of the oldest original nations in the world. They have been great allies to use in the past, and they are the root of the some of the biggest beliefs in the world. Prevailing religions in the world. Christians, Jews, and Muslims. They are a cultural hotspot. Being allies with Israel is a wise thing

  • No it is not.

    1) U.S. currently funds $3 Billion per year (calculated to be about $8.5 Million per day) plus about $130 Million to $235 Million in our defense budget for the missile system in Israel. Our national debt is $17 Trillion compared to their debt, which is about $182 Billion. U.S. need that money, not them.
    2) Looking back in 1973 Oil Shock, which was caused by our avid support for Israel, no one can be sure that this won't happened again in the future.
    3) Israel currently holds about 4700 Palestinian prisoners (Israel likes to call them "terrorists"). Israel had admitted to the physical torture of the prisoners. Also, the hunger strikes of the prisoners gained the world's attention to the status of their life as prisoners.
    4) In 2005, 2 AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) employees pled guilty to several espionage-related charges when FBI found out that those 2 employees, Lawrence Franklin and Keith Weissman, passed classified information to Israel. By 2009, FBI quietly dropped the charges against Weissman, and Franklin's sentence was reduced from 131 months of prison to 10 months of house arrest. (In my opinion, this is just nonsense. If they were Russian spies, they would've been basically deported/sentenced to many years, if not, life.)
    5) In 1967, during the Six Day War, we sent USS Liberty to collect intelligence near Sinai, Egypt while retaining a neutral position. Israeli Air Force and Navy deliberately attacked USS Liberty, killing 34 servicemen and injuring 171. They later paid reparation and offered an explanation, which President Lyndon B. Johnson accepted the explanation, possibly to avoid conflict with Soviet Union at the time. Dean Rusk, the Secretary of State, refused to believe the explanation and states that "The attack was outrageous."

    Personally, I think that being allies with Israel is a tremendous waste of resources for U.S.

  • No its Not,

    1.) Israel isn't a democracy in any sense of the word, as it rules over millions of Palestinians who don't have the right to vote. They also identify exclusively as a religious "Jewish" state, which is antithetical to US values of secularism in government.

    2.) When was the last time Israel sent troops to fight in a war with the US? Never. The US considers Israeli forces a liability, because their participation would inflame the entire Middle-East against us.

    3.) Israel has contributed almost nothing to America. Their entire country is based off of American and European funding, totaling hundreds of billions (if not trillions) of dollars. The handful of useful gadgets Israel manufactured does nothing to offset this imbalance.

    4.) Israel hurts America strategically. Many Jihadists attack Americans for our support for Israel, and the Israeli-lobby frequently buts heads with the US, when they attempt to block diplomatic efforts in favor of war.

    5.) Israel is one of the main reasons the Middle-East is a hot-bed of instability, as they frequently refuse peace-offers, and opt for war. The US has frequently stated that illegitimate Israeli settlements and occupation are a main barrier, to a US negotiated peace with the Palestinians.

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