Is it a good thing that CVS doesn't sell tobacco products anymore?

Asked by: MishMou77
  • It's a pharmacy

    Really it shouldn't be selling other unhealthy items either. A pharmacy is for selling medication. If people want to use cigarettes, fine but they shouldn't be for sale at pharmacies. Neither should junk food, sodas, or alcohol. If pharmacies want to sell additional products besides medicine they should sell health foods.

  • It's About Time

    CVS is a pharmacy. We are no longer living in the 1950's. We know the facts about tobacco and the health risks in induldging in it. I think it is a great step towards becoming a more tobacco free society. CVS is doing the right thing because they are willing to give up a lot of income in order to benefit people everywhere.

  • It might convince people to give up smoking

    I think it is a good thing because even though they might lose sales, they are taking a risk that might convince some people to give up smoking. I think they also earn respect from some people because they are taking a risk that could fail, but it is to help people stop an unhealthy, dangerous habit

  • It does not make much of a difference

    CVS prohibiting the sales of tobacco in stores does not necessarily mean that it will decrease the usage of tobacco. They are essentially cutting their profits only to see those customers find other sources (such as gas stations or Walgreens) for their addiction. Perhaps the intent behind it is noble but most pharmacy places will not follow their lead because too much profit is at stake. That is how business works

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