Is it a good thing that Microsoft added the Home button back?

  • Yes - Windows 7 wasn't broke

    Windows 8 started life as a way to merge mobile and pad operating systems with laptop computer systems. This was a mistake. Rather than boost flagging laptop sales, the changes were so unpopular and unnecessary that Microsoft made a bad situation worse.

    After years of bad redesigns, Microsoft finally got it more or less right with Windows 7. 7 built on the familiar functionality of previous generations while fixing bugs and improving capabilities on older/slower systems. This is a good model for an upgrade. Changing the look and feel of something just to make resemble cell phones was a bad and unnecessary move. Good to see them starting to come back to their senses.

  • Sales will go up, usage will go up as well

    They finally decided to add some of the old features back into Windows, the new Windows 8.1 will finally let people choose between what they are used to and the new junk that they force non-touchscreen users to try. Since people will start realizing that they added a way to go "back", the sales for Windows will start to go back up from depressingly low rates.

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