• Yes, I am glad the Patriot Act expired

    Yes, it is a very good thing that the Patriot Act has expired. Stopping attacks on innocent people and hunting down terrorists are both very worthwhile goals, but they should not be accomplished at the expense of the liberties that have made the United States great. Freedom is not worth trading for safety; eventually we will be left with neither.

  • Yes, the Patriot Act violates Americans' privacy.

    While I feel like some aspects of the Patriot Act were good and do help prevent terrorism, I think many aspects of it are overreaching. The government does not need access to my phone data. I am not a terrorist, I am an average everyday American. There is no evidence that the Patriot Act has lessened the incidences of terrorism against Americans. I believe that other reforms are needed.

  • Why it is a good thing that the Patriot Act has expired

    The Patriot Act was never a real mandatory thing to begin with. While it did help in taking care of the phone metadata in the country, it is something that could be let alone and not have to worry about. With it expiring, there is more money for the government to spend on more important tasks that the country is faced with.

  • Good riddance tyranny!

    The Patriot Act basically eroded almost half of our !0 Bills of Rights of the United States Constitution. It was only passed in the first place as a vehicle for the oppressive and corrupt Bush Administration to use post 9/11 fear mongering as a tool to exploit and denigrate our civil liberties and our privacy. The nullification of this egregiously-fascist piece of legislation is one of the few good things to come from the Osama Hussein tenure.

  • Patriot Act Expired???

    I do not believe that the expiration of the Patriot Act is a good thing. If the provisions that protected us are now expired what happens to some of our right as Americans? Now that the Patriot Act is no longer in effect what happens from here on out, it was created for a reason.

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