Is it a miracle that an Ethiopian girl was rescued by lions from her four male captors?

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  • Ethiopian girl saved by instinct not miracle

    The lions who protected the Ethiopian girl from her captors were likely using their instincts. They must have sensed the little girl's fear and her lack of a threat to themselves. It is an unusual story for wild animals to act this way, but it seems no different than a dog protecting its owner.

  • Captive Prisoner "Rescued" By Captors?

    In all honesty, it is difficult to understand what this girl is going through. Of course, it is a great thing to be alive and not to be eaten by lions, but on the other hand, how is this girl being treated by her captors? Does she feel she would be better off dead than with them? Did they save her because they needed her alive or because they didn't want her to die? There are many factors within this case and I don't think a miracle is a good way to describe an act of humanity.

  • What is a miracle?

    People always use the word miracle as though there's no possible explanation for why something happened, when there are plenty of reasons why lions would attack this girl's captors. If they're savage enough to kidnap this poor girl, it stands to reason that they did something to anger the lions as well. No miracle here!

  • No such thing

    While it is great that the girl was rescued from her captors by lions, the word "miracle" infers that there was some kind of divine intervention. The lions were doing what lions instinctually do, rescued their"cub" from a dangerous situation. That is not divine intervention, it's super lucky the lions were there.

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