Is it a smart move for Zimbabwe to make the Chinese yuan currency legal?

  • Yes, accepting the Chinese yuan will improve Zimbabwe's economy

    China has agreed to cancel 40 million dollars worth of debt for Zimbabwe if the country agrees to legalize the use of Chinese yuan currency. This agreement will booster the economy for Zimbabwe by increasing trade opportunities between the two countries. Zimbabwe already uses currency from other countries, adding China's currency is another move to help rebuild it's infrastructure.

  • It's a good idea

    Though the two countries seem to not have ties to each other, many African countries face economic hardship. By allowing Chinese yuan currency, the government and society of Zimbabwe can make a little more money and also be economically flexible for Chinese visitors, which might mean encouraging more travel to Zimbabwe, thus an increase of money.

  • Yes,Zimbawe is going with the Chinese potential economy.

    Chinese economy is expected to grow. The Zimbawe government decided to make the Chinese yuan its legal currency and that is a smart move. With over a billion people in China, they are the new market. With its manufacturing growing, its infrastructure improving and its people getting more education, Chinese legal currency is expected to grow stronger.

  • No, I don't believe Zimbabwe should make Chinese yuan legal.

    No, it is my opinion that Zimbabwe should not allow Chinese yuan to be legal currency in their country. Doing so would allow China to gain a foothold in their economy. China is well known for their blatant disregard for pollution and their terrible treatment of factory workers in their own country.

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