Is it a waste of money to attend a vocaloid concert?

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  • No, It's a Cool New Experience!

    Going to a Vocaloid concert is a rare, wonderful experience, seeing holograms dance on stage and sing without needing stupid breaks and intermissions like normal singers do. The ticket may be a little expensive, sure, but that's because it takes true talent and perserverance to program something as smooth as the Vocaloid holograms, and it takes practice timing the music perfectly with the voices, so the musicians and animators deserve money for their hard work. Also, ask yourself, "What are the odds of seeing a real person preform live VS six different holographic Vocaloids preforming live?" I'll bet seeing a real person preform is much more common than seeing Vocaloids preforming. Plus, you'll have something cool to tell all your friends afterwards! That's why Vocaloid concerts are worth the money to go to, because they're so rare and amazing.

  • Vocaloid concerts are awesome

    I haven't gone to one but i really wanna go because they are really cool looking, they're holograms dancing and singing on stage just as if they were real, and honestly it's the same as wanting to go to another singers' concert cause Vocaloids are singers as well even if they aren't real.

  • Its not a waste of money, you get experience.

    It is not a waste of money to go to a vocaloid concert because you are getting experience and having fun. Although it is a voice synthesizer, it is still a fun experience and I think it would be worth the money to attend and see the difference between a real vocal artist and a synthesizer.

  • Attending a Vocaloid Concert Not Waste of Money

    No, attending a vocaloid concert is not a waste of money as it is up to an individual person to determine what is and is not a waste of their time and money. If a person will find enjoyment from attending such a concert, then they are free to make that decision.

  • Depending on opinions

    If people really like Vocaloid they would be the ones going, waving a leek glow stick around. If you really like the music and have seen some of the high quality concerts on YouTube, I suggest you go since it looks like a cool rare experience. The only downside is that they would probably cost a lot to cover equipment and to pay all those who worked so hard to help program it.

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