Is it acceptable for a 26 year old man to date a 16 year old girl?

Asked by: jamesgreaves
  • Dateing sixteen year olds or younger

    I say a 26 year old should be aloud to date any girl he whats weather she I sixteen or under it should not matter one bit on who they whant to date if the man whants to date a git older or unger that is his choise not the laws.

  • That's my opinion on that

    I belivea a 26 year old should be aloud to date a 16 year old or young if they perfor and the 26 year old should not get pinlized for dateing someone under 18 if they guy angirl whants to have sex they should be abel to in it sould be okay to date a miner in the intire usa not just a view stats.

  • That's my opnione on that

    If its okay to date a young girl under 18 in one state then it should be okay to to date a young girl under 18 in all states not just one or a veiew iand we should not get pinlized for it ether or hving sex with them if we whan to.

  • Young sexy girs

    A 16 year old girl and a 26 year old man should be aloud to date if they love egther and have all the sae sex they whent and not make her pregnit intel she is ready or of age but not marry her intel she is of atlest 18 years old or older.

  • It depends on the State/Country.

    Check your states laws; or if considering dating a girl in a different state; check that states laws. Since dating eventually leads to intimacy; be sure to check the age of consent laws for that country or state. Also; under federal law; you are not allowed to transport a minor across borders for purposes of sex. I highly advise being extra careful and cautious; or else you risk losing alot of money; and losing your freedom for 6 to 20 years.

  • One of the Most Important Men in History Did this.

    "NEVERMOORE!" That word was made Immortal by the Master of the Macabre, Edgar Allen Poe. When Edgar Allen Poe was 27, he Married his 13 Year old- I know this Seems Weird, and It is- Cousin. Her name was Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe. They experienced a Healthy Marriage, and didn't even have Sex. Instead, Edgar took care of Eliza and even wrote a Famous Poem to Prepare for her Death when she contracted Tuberculosis.

  • In principle, yes

    I would not advise her, but as long as there in not any sexual interactions, It is okay. I do think she is at risk, But as long as he is "monitored" I think it is okay. I do recommend she waits until she is at least 18, though, so she is an adult.

  • It is, as long as they don't have sex.

    The legal principle here is a 16 year girl is not capable of consenting to a sex act, so that would be statutory rape.
    If she is only 16 she will not say yes to sex, the sex won't happen, what they are doing is none of your business. If you want to score on a date, choose someone who is older.

  • Acceptable to whom?

    Obviously the question whether a sixteen year old girl should date a twenty-six year old man is important in our day. The main threats are abusive manipulation and sex abuse. Does this particular teenager possess thinking skills requisite to make such a risk assessment? Are her morals sound? Is she responsible and mature? If questions like these are answered in the affirmative, dating should be done at home and a background check, which the man should pay for, is necessary and nonnegotiable. If the teenager and young man want a relationship, then they should understand the risks present and respect strategies employed by the young girl's parents to secure her well being. A worthy young man would applaud this and welcome every chance he could obtain to prove his benevolent intentions.

  • This was very common in the past, and it wasn't frowned upon by society at all.

    To begin with, a 26 year-old man is not so old for a 16 year-old girl. As a matter of fact, female teens tend to develop their bodies quicker than their male counterparts, so a 16 year-old girl is not a child any more but a fully grown-up woman. In that sense, there shouldn't be any fear when seeing a couple like the one posted in this question.
    Furthermore, people in the past understood this physical and psychological maturity of 16-year-old girls, so for that reason parents were used to encourage their little princesses to look for a mature and wealthy man in order to marry them. This tradition hasn't changed in so many parts of the world, including in modern cities.
    Finally, we are in modern times, which is supposed to be liberal and open mind. What the heck are you complaining about, then?

  • I worry about my friend who's in this situation!

    My friend is the reason I've posed this question, as she's currently in this situation! While he seems like a great guy and I've learned to accept it, I still feel uneasy about his underlying motives. She's still basically a child, as am I, and I think she's got some growing up to do!

  • That is considered pedophilia.

    A 16-year-old is not old enough to consent with an adult, so it is absolutely unacceptable for them to date. I don't care if the guy is nice, he will just have to wait until she is AT LEAST 18 before dating her.
    Also teenagers are pretty stupid (I should know, I am one) and make risky decisions all the time, so your friend needs to think this through before having any kind of relationship with someone ten years older than her.

  • Get Serious and Think about it

    If 16 and 26 is Ok. How about 12 and 22. Maybe 8 and 18. Anybody think 8 and 18 is OK. If anyone is thinking it's just dating, it isn't. There is an age when it's OK for a woman to be with an adult. It's at age 18.

  • It really depends.

    Usually it's creepy, but sometimes it's fine, for instance, if you know that the person isn't a pedo or a creep. If you get what I mean. But, of course, it's situational. SO there isn't a straight answer for this one I guess. Great question for this, please do more!

  • Creepy AF NOPE

    What would a 26 year old man gain from a relation ship with a 16 year old girl. Red flags left and right. 16 yr old girls are like unsculpted clay, just a mess and they haven’t had the life experience that a man at 26 has had. I was such an idiot at 16, what is the guy gaining from this? Knowledge.No. Nothing but manipulation and predatory, many won’t agree but it kind of makes me want to vom

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Vox_Veritas says2016-12-27T17:46:53.267
Yes its alright I am 50 year old man last week I went on date with 6 year old.