Is it acceptable for a man to hit a woman in self-defense?

  • Equal rights ...Equal fights

    Weakness does not equal painless. You as a woman may be weaker than me, but if cant keep your weak hands to yourself, or you feet out of my crotch, than I shall put my strong foot in your crotch, and use my strong hands to break yours to safe guard myself and my brothers, in your mind, for their future. I bet you'll thing twice next time you hit a guy. And yes to you punk ass gentlemen... I am a misogynist...Beat you to the punch

  • Self defense !

    If a woman hits you, it gives you the right to him them back. You can't just stand there and take it. You have every right to defend yourself no matter what. A woman wants to act like a man so treat her like one. That's how the world works.

  • Of course a man can

    If a woman wants to hit like a man she should take a hit like a man. As a woman, I want to be treated equal to men. This being said, if I choose to fight with a man, I expect them to fight back just like a woman would. Too many women hit men hiding behind the old "men don't hit girls" rule.

  • Self Defence !!

    Personally I would retaliate with sufficient force to eliminate the risk. I wouldn't retaliate out of scale, simply making sure that who ever it is attacking (male or female) will not attempt to fight back knowing that they don't have to ability or strength to continue fighting back ! !

  • You start something I finish it.

    Nobody should lay their hands on a person period. It's uncivilized and its the reason why people talk instead of using violence like cave men. But its a natural survival issue. Women do damage to and quite fankly we could learn a thing or two from other mammals. When an act of assult is committed there is no way of going around it and its smack down time. If a woman thinks she is worthy enough a fighter to bring herself up to a mans level of strength and size and she gets TKOed in the first punch thats like a baby trying to beat up a 10 year old. Just dont try it. Learn your place before you get yourself hurt. I mean on a pain scale a solid punch from an average women is " Oh crap she hit me" and for a man its " Oh crap I think I have a mild concussion." Of course women do need to learn self defense and Im not talking about that sissy if someone touches me the right way I can break their wrist crap. First of all breaking their wrist will take both of you hands so what are you gonna do about the other 3 limbs. Ladies learn to BOX or learn karate. Because there is no such thing as an unfair fight and thats whats gonna get you through it. If you try to break a mans wrist in self defense whose not to say he wont grab a weapon and hit you. Men just dont hit first and know your own strength because it is devastating. There was once a man who got punched in the jaw and it snaped his neck and he was paralyzed. If a man can do that to a mab imagine what he could do by accident to a woman.

  • Equality for al

    Its defense, if someone attacks you or someone helpless you should attempt to stop them. If it comes to blows then it does, if it can be avoided then it should. Your gender should not give you some sort of immunity from this, if you are a woman and strike a man, and he hits you back then he is defending himself.

  • Yes but also no

    First off it not okay to hit anyone back. However if someone tries to commit a battery and you stop it with a battery then that is perfectly acceptable. Notice I left out gender roles and that is because it does not matter. It would show double standards to think you can try to hit someone and they can't stop you by hitting you. I am tired of hearing "be the bigger man" well do not try to attack people. Also the gender equality for the aff side is down right scary. It would not be gender equality hitting a female because she hit you. Feminism is about institutional sexism so hitting her only advances the idea of women or womyn being treated inferior. Similar to the idea that blacks cant be racist. Because racist or sexist implies a race or gender having more natural institutional advantages than the other. You can't thatfeminism gain a point because you hit her for "equality". And for the neg do not say things like women are smaller or weaker than a man because size is not key to winning a fight or a defense for you not wanting to get hit back and being called weaker only admits that women are inferior and implies that idea is long to stay essentially defeating the feminist thought that women can change.

  • Just look in the comments for the no

    I don't know why people are thinking that it is acceptable for a man to just lay back as a female hits him. So called "feminists" have changed the worlds view on equality, I think that feminism is support to be about men and women's equality but in our society a female hitting a man is acceptable and if a the man its her back they sue the pitteful excuse of abuse instead of just owning up to throwing the first punch.

  • Yes. It is completely OK.

    As a matter of fact, I believe that if women want gender equality, they should be treated equally as men in every aspect. The only reason we don't do this is that we know that if we do, the whole idea of 'gender equality' will break down. We men absolutely KNOW that in general, we think more intelligently and rationally and are stronger physically. If we would allow ourselves to prove it, there would be no question.

    That being said, a few points:

    1. People (both men and women) in relationships probably shouldn't be hitting each other to begin with, EITHER WAY.

    2. With that in mind, taking the least violent route is probably advisable for everyone.

    3. When you're squabbling and throwing a few punches, it's one thing - but when you're defending your life, it's a whole different ball game. I can block a few light blows from a woman without retaliating most of the time, but if anyone, MAN, WOMAN, OR CHILD comes after me with a weapon, you'd best believe I'm doing everything in my power to protect my life - even if itt means ending theirs.

  • It really depends

    First let me state that being a respectable male, I personally would never hit a women nor anyone for that matter. I do believe however if put in a position of self defense it is alright to defend yourself, physically if necessary. Sadly we live in a world that talks about equality, but does not practice from both sides of the coin. For example, men get paid more, but women get treated with more respect because they have been portrayed as weaker. I happen to be smaller than half the girls in my class, due to a disease. Women talk about being treated as being as strong as men, but complain when they get hit back after delivering the first strike. This makes no logical sense whatsoever. I think people need to realize what they mean when they say equality. If you disagree, i would love to hear your response.

  • Umm no just why

    Would you need to all theese years we say that men were such gentalmen because it was very shunned upon to hit a women now it like hey you know i dont like you right know im gonna hit you its just wrong i dont under stand it at all๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ–

  • Excuses, excuses, excuses!

    No, I think that a lot of the time people cry "self defence" when in actual fact they beat their partener as a way to put a women in her place for disagreeing with him on something or for sticking up for herself when he verbally or emotionally abuses her. A way to make sure she abides by him at all times and puts up with it.

  • It should be, but it isn't.

    While I think that it should be acceptable for a man to hit a woman in self-defense, that's not the question. In our society, we still view women as the weaker sex, and have decided that beating up on them for any reason is completely unacceptable. This leads to a lot of unfairness, but what can you do?

  • Yes but don't get carried away.

    There is this societal idea that there is no way that a women could be a serious threat to a man. However, this is not true. Women can put men in compromising positions where they may need to physically defend themselves. However, if they are able to subdue the woman or leave, they should do that first.

  • I do not believe it is acceptable for a man to hit a woman in self defense.

    I do not believe it is acceptable for a man to hit a woman in self defense. I think that if a woman is attacking a man, a better idea would be to grab hold of her to keep her in place so she can no longer attack you, instead of hitting her.

  • Not a real man unless in fear of his life

    Self defense is a legal argument. It is the basis for a defense, criminally or socially. Any person who has good moral character will not deliberately threaten another unless truly believed to be in danger. A male is typically physically stronger than a female, therefore it is never appropriate to strike a weaker person in anger. As a victim of domestic violence, I feel that any abusive behavior intended to alarm or harass another is merely an attempt to assert dominance because of a perceived or real weakness in the abuser.

  • Most women can't defend themselves

    Women get harassed on the street by men, spat on by men, and quite pushy when women reject them. If They get angry and physically assault a women, the women might not be able to use "self defense" and can't fight back. There is a growing amount of women learning to arm up or take martial arts to defend themselves against men but a lot of women don't have that within there lifestyle so they just have to take the beating and defeat.

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