• We live in a butthurt world

    If you attack expect to be attacked back. The gender card is for cowards. In my opinion especially for men its better to let guys duke it out with each other rather than whine and cry and get political as it is now. It is not okay to just go around attacking people you deserve to get stomped if you do that. But it doesn't help to cross your fingers together when attacked and hope society says its ok. A person that is seriously trying to hurt you doesn't care if your a man or a woman. Therefore any smart person would defend themselves. And if society has a problem with self defence because the attacked is female, then society is retarded (well damn)

  • This is a deliberately loaded question.

    In questions such as this, context is very important; without such context, assumptions are easily made about those who argue the other side. For example, many would assume those on the yes side are advocating abuse of women, while many may assume those on the no side are advocating un-equal treatment. For sake of argument, I will be reading it as whether there is any existing scenario in which it is acceptable for a man to hit a woman. My answer would be yes; there are plenty of scenarios, such as self-defense, attempted robbery, etc. in which I wouldn't bat an eye if the man hit the woman in question.

  • Depends on the circumstances

    Like other people said, if a woman is physically attacking a man, then I see nothing wrong with that man hitting the woman. However, if he is not being harmed, then no he should hit her. This goes for women too. It shouldn't be okay for either gender to hit the other.

  • Context. If you attack people, don't expect them to remain docile.

    If you hit someone, they will want to hit you back; man or woman. It's natural for everyone to fight back. It's a natural response that if you are attacked, you either fight or flee. I would never hit a woman or anyone for that matter UNLESS I was hit first. Self-defense, people. That's all that matters. Otherwise, of course it is completely wrong to attack a woman...Or any living thing in this world.

  • Only in self defense

    If a woman is attacking a man who is doing nothing to physically harm her, than the man should be allowed to use physical violence to protect himself as a woman would do if a man physically attacks her. However, in all other circumstances it should not be acceptable for either gender to hit each other.

  • Yes it is.

    There is usually a double standard when it comes to this. At the end of the day, both genders are humans. So if a girl comes up to you and smacks you for no legitimate reason, you should be able to defend your self as if a man smacked you for no reason with no ridicule.

  • Of course it is.

    People on the "no" side seem to think this question is asking if it's okay to discipline a woman with violence. The question isn't asking that, it's asking if it's okay for a man to hit a woman.

    If a woman were coming at me with a shovel, and I hit her, is it justified? Of course. Any fool that would refrain from defending himself based on the gender of the assaulting party deserves to be smacked around with a shovel for being so dense.

  • Violence is never the answer.

    I cannot even believe someone would even vote yes to this. I do not even know what else I can say to emphasize how ridiculously stupid it is that a man would even justify hitting a woman. This isn't about defending oneself.. One always has that right.. This is about abuse.. And abuse is never Ok.

  • Absolutely not! Violence is bad!

    Violence is bad in every situation, men shouldn't hit men or women, women shouldn't hit men or women. Violence doesn't help anyone! It causes issues, that result in more violence. If someone wrongs you by "Hitting you" you should leave, fighting back just raises contention and hate between the contenders.

  • No One Should Hit Anyone- PERIOD!!

    No person should be physically abusing another person!! That's messed up. A man should especially not hit a woman though- let me explain why. Women are abused way more often in physical ways. Why are women raped way more often than men? Why are women beat (often by a romantic partner) way more often then men? Why are there way more cases of infanticide of girls? The reason is simply: Misogyny! This world is filled with sexism. You can deny its existence if you want, but you are only closing your eyes to the truth (the truth that has evidence around every corner)! The last thing men should be doing is worrying about whether it is okay to hit women! Focus on the bigger issues! How can we decrease women's suffering instead of how we can increase it. It is also not right to hurt someone weaker than you (not just women! A large man beating a small man or a child is not okay either!).

  • Why hit anyone?

    The question doesn't specify, but I'm going to assume that this just means in general, is it okay. And the answer is no. Women have been abused for centuries and still are. And no, women shouldn't hit men either. Just don't hit anyone. There are better ways to solve problems.

    That being said, like other posters I agree that men have the right to defend themselves if they're being attacked by a woman. That's the only circumstance where men should hit women.

  • Humans aren't punch bags

    To start of with if its not acceptable to hit women why is it to hit men. Simply because men generally are stronger doesn't mean that they really are better incline towards a beating simply because he can take it still doesn't justify it. Sure self defense is one thing but the question is farced in a way that makes it clear is it generally acceptable to hit a man and no simply because weather or not the offender is male or female doesn't change the fact that in the end its a crime and its abuse.

  • Not under regular circumstances

    Unless one is doing so under self-defense (any sort of assault) or consent (acting, for example), it is wrong to do so. This also applies if a woman hits a man, man hits a man, or a woman hits a woman. Claiming the opposite is a violation of another individual's rights.

  • Neither is acceptable.

    Men shouldn't hit women. Women shouldn't hit men. It's assault, no matter who does it. And the moment a slap or fist flies, the argument moves to a dangerous level. Adults need to act like adults. Think. Take a breath. If necessary, leave the house ... A walk ... A drive ... A couple of hours at the mall. The idea is "COOL OFF"! Then, either meet somewhere to discuss your problem/problems or talk through it on the phone. Hitting doesn't solve anything!

  • The answer is no:

    I understand you meant "Is the double-standard for violence between the sexes okay?" but you didn't ask that, and as such the answer is a flat no, because it is wrong to be violent against anyone regardless of sex. Self-defense (without excessive force) should be used, but that is a different matter since if a person hits another person once that doesn't lay grounds for self-defense anyway.

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SamStevens says2014-08-01T19:36:45.730
People, it is for defensive purposes. Say a women comes at you in an aggressive/threatening manner and proceeds to hit you. You should be able to defend yourself as if a man came at you in the same manner and hit you.
intellectuallyprimitive says2014-08-01T20:56:38.913
Regarding what the poster stated below, if a man is attacked and the attacker poses an imminent threat on the mans survival, then defending himself via physical striking is not only appropriate, but from a survivability perspective, pivotal. Striking anyone whether the instigator be man or woman and the victim be man or woman is, from my perspective, a redundant and disdainful act.
intellectuallyprimitive says2014-08-01T20:56:45.293
SamStevens says2014-08-02T02:41:13.370
Intellectuallyprimitive: Agreed.