Is it acceptable for a parent not to work outside the home when the kids are in school full time?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Single person working households are better for economics, environment, and society.

    If we had a society where one person worked and one person stayed home to take care of household duties and grow a little family garden we would be a healthier and happier society. Children would always have an adult around for guidance and tutelage Eliminating all single use and pre made meals by having some one to cook with environmentally benign food would be worth it in savings of waste and energy alone.

  • Noting wrong with this at all.

    I'm not saying that a parent can't work outside the home once their Children are in school. I'm saying it should be up to each family. However if a parent does work outside the home when the Children are in school the ideal situation would be to get a job during school hours where they would be able to be there around the time when the Children come home from school and be with them during all their school vacations. A Child shouldn't execessively be raised by someone other than their parents.

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