Is it acceptable for a woman to hit a man but not acceptable for a man to hit a woman?

Asked by: Fanny
  • It is acceptable for a woman to hit a man but not acceptable for a man to hit a woman.

    It is acceptable for a women to hit a man because this is just a symbolic gesture. Obviously, it is not acceptable for people to beat each other. A man can never hit a woman because men are stronger than women and they are more likely to actually hurt her.

  • Women Can Hit Men, Not Vice Versa

    Of course, women can and do hit men on a regular basis. A man can't retaliate against a woman, though, according to society's norms. Most people frown upon a man striking a woman in any way. This might seem archaic, but it makes sense because men are seen as stronger than women.

  • Of course it isn't but women still do it.

    I believe in equality - Hit me and I will hit back. Straight across the face. Its important that we treat sexes equally, women don't want special treatment and it would be wrong for me to treat them differently.

    I've been hit before by a woman but at the time I didnt hit back.

    In that situation I laughed and said "was that it?".

    As she went to strike me again, I caught her wrist and recommended she make it a good one and if she ever hit me again she would regret it.

  • Nooooo!!!!Not fair at all!

    Feminist argue about women being abused when its vice versa! They say feminist are for equal rights but they never protect men.It would be like me going to a gym and hitting a super buff guy why would I!? I know he stronger than me and could win it makes no scence

  • Don't hit anyone!!!

    Why should somebody be able to hit me because of their gender. It like someone is allowed to hit me because they are Catholic! It just doesn't understand. In my opinion, anybody - either men or women - should only make pugnacious physical contact someone if you need to defend yourself, not because you're a women

  • It is not acceptable for anyone to hit someone if the other person can't hit back

    It is not acceptable for a woman to hit a man, if it isn't acceptable for a man to hit a woman. It should only be acceptable to hit someone during very specific circumstances such as protecting a family or self-defense. This should not be restricted to either sexes because of ridiculous perceived notions about equality.

  • I have my own theory

    This can be a very controversial question, and I'm sure a lot of people have a lot of different theories. Mine is simple: If a woman is going to hit a man,then I think she should have the mental and physical strength to be able to take getting a hit by a man back.

  • It is Not Acceptable to Hit Anyone

    No, it is not acceptable for a woman to hit a man but for a man not to be able to hit a woman in return because it is not acceptable for anyone to hit anyone. Gender or sex does not figure in to this matter. Hitting and harming anyone is wrong.

  • It is just an excuse.

    Personally, I do not agree an argument should result to violence only within a war scenario. But to say all because of genetics one can not be hit is just an excuse to have the woman walk all over the man. It promotes physical abuse towards the male. Men should have the right to defend themselves.

  • In general hitting someone of any sex is unacceptable.

    It is not acceptable for a woman to hit a man, nor is it acceptable for a man to hit a woman. There are however cases, such as self-defense for instance, where hitting another person is at least justifiable.

    In general the argument that women as the weaker sex should be able to hit a man with impunity is ridiculous. Just because they are physically weaker should not give them the right to go around hitting men without facing any consequences.

    On the other hand a man as the stronger being, is responsible for how he uses his physical superiority. Attacking a woman without good reason is unacceptable. It is however also ridiculous if a man simply accepts a beating from a woman because she is weaker than him. A man should avoid retaliating if possible, but he should be able to hit a woman back if needed.

    At any rate... It'd be best if people just didn't hit each other. If it happens, the aggressor should generally be at fault and they shouldn't be exempt from the consequences of their actions, whether they are male or female. The main exception, would be self-defense, which usually implies that you have been attacked first to begin with.

    And ehm... Sometimes people just deserve a good slap. Like a boyfriend caught cheating for instance... Can't blame a girl for giving him a slap. Though I still wouldn't advise it.

  • If women are allowed to hit men. Then men should be allowed to hit women

    If a man hits a man, no one cares and nothing happens. If a woman hits a man, some people will probably praise the woman. But still, mostly nothing will happen. But if a man hits a woman, that man is arrested and losses his entire life. Now tell me. Does that sound like equality? Exactly. It doesnt

  • Men Can Hit Back

    Sure, women are weaker on average but it's still assault. Assault on ANYONE is not good at all. No matter the gender or person, people should hit back. People who say men shouldn't hit back are probably people who hit men on a daily basis anyway and should be in jail.

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